1. Alex225

    There's always one.

    Just one of those people to cause an issue from no where! On the M25 yesterday in some really slow moving traffic, probably rolling along at 4-5mph. I'm in the outside lane as cars rolling along the slip road to my left. Cars indicating and filtering in, all is well. Then Mr Nissan GT-R...
  2. A

    Muppet of the day!

    Sorry if this has already been posted but I thought it might entertain! BBC News - Car driven with bonnet up on A31 in Hampshire
  3. AJA

    Muppet got what he deserved this morning.

    I had to nip into work this morning, and on my way home I noticed a Kia 'whatever' was travelling very close behind me. I gave a little sqeeze on the loud pedal to enlarge the gap, but the muppet behind thought I was encouraging him. I had my son in the car so I wasn't going to bite. We then...
  4. Chas

    E BAY Muppet wind up poll

    Please vote for best wind up question on the post below, thanks to BlackC55 I admit I almost fell off my chair laughing at Q. 5 (not mine) :D
  5. Mambo

    What a muppet!

    Have a look at what this guy did! :crazy: And before anyone posts it, no jokes about BMW drivers! :D
  6. stats007

    What muppet are you?

    Taken from another forum: Muppet Test
  7. A

    a game of skill and a flying muppet :) loads of fun
  8. guydewdney


    quote from anotehr forum:- My factory radio doesnt have good reception and I cant seem to be able to put my hands on the factory antenna. Question: Are the antennas located on both sides of the rear trunk for the radio. My antenna only comes up or out when I put the car in reverse. When I...
  9. S

    Grrrrr....some muppet.........

    Well miffed this morning.. Some muppet has torn off the star from the front of the W124, had noticed it had been toyed with on a couple of nights over last week or so. I wonder just how many of us have had this problem?? I know SP!KE has some burgeoning plans to get his vanishing bonnet...
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