1. A

    Nankang Winter tyres? any good

    Not another winter tyres thread I hear you.... I've had Michelin on my last E class, and on my current ML have some Dunlop's ready to go on, However I'm thinking of getting some for my wife's car. Current no profile tyres and front wheel drive / auto, and the fact I have been so impressed...
  2. marc.l

    Brabus v12 on Nankang tyres .....

    Not quite ***** of the model , CLS 600 ???? Spotted in town today . Would you run this on £90 tyres ? More amg and brabus badges than you can shake a stick at , maybe wiser to have spent the money on decent tyres .
  3. babaroga

    Nankang Tyres

    Hello All, Has anybody got any experience with this make of tyres. I have been looking for tyres for our GL and those came at almost half price than "well known makes". Also, according to this new EU performance thing, those have better grip in wet than some of those expensive ones. I...
  4. matty.13

    nankang ns2 ?

    hi has any one used nankang ns2 tyres on there car ? have read mixed reviews about them on some tyre sites , i trust the opinons on this fourm so would like to hear back from you guys :thumb: thanks
  5. BenzComander

    Nankang NS-2 Tyres

    Looking to change my tyres, and have read good reviews of these tyres on some of the more Maxed :devil: car forums! Anybody got any experience of fitting them on a Mercedes, £56 per tyre for a 225 - 45 17 seems a good deal. Cheers
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