1. mat8n

    Hive, Nest, smart heating?

    Does anyone have this? I work away and think this could be useful for me, just wondering about real world experience of it? Ta
  2. ShaunB

    NEST 3rd gen thermostat

    Guys Does anyone have a NEST setup at home? Looking for real world feedback on how good they are or otherwise. Been speaking to an installer about my current oil fired boiler setup and NEST. He's told me I can install fine, but as I can't control hot water via the current setup, then there is...
  3. SportsCoupeRich

    Birds Nest Issues...

    My home is shaped a bit like an 'n'. Some birds have nested in one of the corners and are noisy in the morning (set dogs off), sh*t everywhere and have just lost a member in the house (my other half shooed it out eventually....unfortunately am away with work so didn't see the hysteria...
  4. greggster

    Birds nest help

    I have had birds nesting in my eaves for a few years now, wanted to repair the hole in the fascia to stop it but not known what is the right thing to do (in terms of the birds a point). I need to tackle it soon as they are now making a right mess - loads of poop on the wall and...
  5. J

    Wasp nest in Chimney

    Hi all Have been sitting watching the GP and wasps have started to emerge from my fireplace :eek: Have been outside and there are wasps coming out the top - must have a nest in there...:mad: I have put a chimney balloon up to stop them entering the house but I need to get rid of the...
  6. pammy

    Wasps Nest

    aaargh!! it looks like we've got one in the making :eek: . They've drilled a couple of holes in the old railway sleeprs we have that support our decking. We noticed the sawdust a few days ago and tonight have seen about 5 wasps going in and out if the holes. We had a big nest in the eaves a...
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