1. Gollom

    anybody know the NTL default PIN?

    Spoke to NTL yesterday (had to hold for 1 hour 10 mins - thank goodness for SayNoto0870 and speaker phones! She said there were just under 400 people queuing...) re loss of Sky and they gave me Sky Movies as compensation!! However, it appears that for 12 and above movies I need the PIN number...
  2. Satch

    NTL users take note!!

    Got my bill today and it was higher than usual. Quickly became clear that the transition to Virgin Media pricing can throw up glitches, in my case effectively being charged twice for television service because I was not being billed for a bundle, just individual services and also managed to...
  3. WLeg

    NTL Help !!! - quickish question

    OK... I work in IT... but try to stay away from home stuff.... However...I've been asked by a friend to sort out some wireless networking, for their NTL connection. They currently have one Mac connected to the NTL box via ethernet. They want the Mac + 2 Intel laptops to be connected...
  4. KillerHERTZ

    NTL over charging (now up to £110!!!) help!

    Yesterday I checked my bank statement only to find that NTL had charged me £75.25 :| , this was ontop of the normal charges. After 40 years waiting I got through to an operator who was helpful and informed me that they had charged me 5 times for a service I hadnt used :( I requested...
  5. Steve_Perry

    Those on NTL BB...

    ... The promised free speed upgrades kick in today. :bannana: 300K -> 1Mbit (100k upload), You need to request this online from the ntlworld.com homepage. 750k -> 2Mbit (200k upload), Should be automatic depending on your location. 1.5Mbit -> 3Mbit (300k upload), again should be...
  6. Flyer

    NTL & Routers

    I tried to setup a Belkin router (I know, I wasn't asked :rolleyes: ) for my BIL last night - what should have been a 30 minute job turned into a 3 hour job, and it still doesn't work :( I don't know anything about NTL (well, apart from some research this morning), so don't really know how...
  7. Steve_Perry

    ntl to speed up residential Broadband

    Linky :bannana: :bannana: :bannana: :cool: S.
  8. craigyb

    NTL Customer Service

  9. Satch

    NTL: Nasty Technology Limited

    Well, after getting a much vaunted fee "speed upgrade" from 600Kb to 750Kb, just about every NTL user in my area has suffered a degradation of service. Everything is slower! Arrghhhh! I am told this is something to do with NTL using "transparent proxy cache servers". So what are they and...
  10. Flyer

    OT: Anyone here with NTL?

    Anyone on here with NTL and has one of their set-top boxes? My mum has recently moved house and has a NTL set-top box. I hate cables and stuff on show so I moved it for her into a TV cabinet, but it would only fit if it was on its side, vertically, next to the TV. Next time I called...
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