1. E

    Vito lift kit for offroad

    Hi, I recently bought a Mercedes Vito cargo van and wanted to see if anyone knew what lift kit was used on the van for the Aicha des gazelles rally. Here is a picture. Thank you. Eric
  2. C

    E63 Off-Road Downpipes with Free Shipping from the USA

    I found this on another forum and figured it would be of great interest here. The guys that made the RADO downpipes (World Motorsports), are now making a new updated down pipe for the E63 and they are offering free shipping anywhere in the world. They also dropped the price by a bit. I think...
  3. M

    Mercedes G-Class off-road experience challenging - Video

    Mercedes G-Class off-road experience challenging Ypu0guQl6Kg
  4. A

    ml offroad parts

    Hello, Is there any ml offroaders on here? Or want to offroad your ml? What parts would you like to see off the shelf? Or easier to get hold of? Answers below please
  5. A

    ml offroad parts

    Hello, I have brought a ml and making it more offroad capable, I have lifted the suspension and put 35" tyres on, I now need a winch bumper and snorkel, does any one know where I can get one from? Thanks in advance andy
  6. Vilus

    GL offroad in B&Q Dartford

    Mercedes GL at B&Q Car Park in Dartford. Good job he had 4WD to negotiate the urban jungle! Car Park Fail!!!!! Mercedes-Benz GL - YouTube
  7. Bobby Dazzler

    Recommendations reqd: 1-day off-road driving in Midlands (or sailing?)

    I need to arrange a corporate event at reasonably short notice for around 12 people, and a half-day off-road driving event would fit the bill perfectly - ideally within 60 minutes drive from Birmingham. A sailing or powerboat type event would be interesting but I think we'd struggle to find...
  8. grober

    GLK offroad review

    Motor Trend have published an offroad review of the GLK 350. This follows up Hawk20's post here.
  9. PJH

    Give your 4x4 the off-road look.......
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