1. A

    Have I gone OTT

    Do you lot think this looks OK or is OTT and a bit tacky? I have the 250 but not sprayed them black yet
  2. corned

    Who thought my optical illusion thread was OTT?

    Just canvassing opinion, you understand...! Clearly the over-moderators saw fit to pull it, fair enough, but let's see how many people actually thought it inappropriate or offensive. Simple! Edit: The poll is private - no handles will be displayed.
  3. buccal

    Snowball fight OTT

    Bit of an over-reaction :eek: : YouTube - US Cop pulls gun in a snowball fight. will be amazed if he keeps his job.
  4. GRAV888

    OTT Hummer on M25

    Spotted this yesterday on the Surrey section of the M25. Pics are not fabulous quality, as were taken on my phone. I must remember to start taking my camera with me.
  5. kikkthecat


    Well, it was already an over the top car, but look at it now. From the Brabus site... The legendary BRABUS 6.3 litre V12 Bi-Turbo engine can replace the standard 5.5 litre unit, increasing power to a staggering 640bhp and 762lb.ft (1026Nm) of torque. BRABUS engineers increase the capacity...
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