1. L

    Who owns a registration?

    Hi, still relatively new to this site, can anyone advise how you go about finding who owns a registration number? Would like to try buy but can't find any info. Thanks
  2. A

    How to find out who owns a number plate (Private plate)

    Hello Curently looking at buying a private plate advertised from one of the larger number plate firms. I've got them down a fair bit off what they are asking....but Is there anyway of finding out the owners details? as I bet as with most they have for sale they are selling on behalf of the...
  3. Satch

    VED: Government finally owns up

    So, the "majority of drivers" would benefit from the VED changes, eh? Gordon Brown and other ministers repeatedly insisted that only a small number of drivers would be left worse off. There is a technical term for this: a lie. Today the Treasury attempted to slip the real figures out in a...
  4. J

    Who owns a Black 190 Diesel?

    Does anybody on this Forum own a 190 Diesel in Black? If so could you post me some pictures as im looking to buy one. Thanks
  5. stwat

    Who now owns "Car tops"?

    Who now owns "Car tops"? The company that porsche and mercedes used to co own. Is it Daimler chrysler, or Porsche? Thanks, Stu
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