1. A

    P0100 P0110 Codes

    IAT sensor I've got a few different fault codes coming up atm it started with random misfires and was also about 4 different cylinders were missing so I changed the Mass Air Flow Sensor and all seemed to be good but has just started playing up again and I'm getting the same codes plus P0110...
  2. R

    W168 MAF fault - P0100

    Chaps The missus W168 A160 has had an engine management light on since we bought it a few months ago. We only paid £500 for it considering it has full service, low miles and good condition. The car drove spot on and still does after doing well over 1000 miles now. I bought an eBay fault...
  3. P

    W168 - MAF fault code - P0100 - what effect on the car?

    OK, so it looks like I need to get this fixed. But in the meantime, what effect is it having? Im assuming since the airflow is not being measured correctly its having an effect on fuel mixture so affecting performance and mpg? If so how badly - doesnt seem too bad at the moment....
  4. P

    P0100 Mass or Volume Air Flow A Circuit

    Which is the MAF sensor I believe. Garage has tried cleaning it to no avail. They mentioned replacing some air filter part that can cause it also (£70). Surely though if anything has caused a problem with the MAF sensor then replacing another part now is too late since its the MAF thats...
  5. D

    C220 cdi pressure problems

    I have searched all over for a solution to my problem, but whilst I have found the same problem, no solutions! I have 2002 c220 cdi with a whooshing sound, then drops into limp mode, I have two fault codes P0100 and P1470, I have tried all sorts, checked the cats, not blocked and in great...
  6. allias

    P0100 code on my 320CDI

    Hello I have problem with my CDI. Well let start with fact it had leaking seal under injectore 2 and it was blowing and coughing like s..t. That was fixed but... Big cloud of smoke coming from a tailpipe. It was worst before but now its only at higher load when accelerate harder. Well...
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