1. guydewdney

    "Mercedes-Benz Club" a bit pants - or is it me?

    Joined the MBC thingy as promised 'technical info' and 'epc / wis' access, plus 'active forum' etc etc well - all the 'docs' on the 202 (and W140) page(s) are old photocopies of magazine articles bar one whinge. The forum is 'dead'. The WIS access requires a completely separate access to the...
  2. Gh3382

    Wife has ants in her pants

    I Parked the car for 2 weeks in a hotel while on a cruise and now its ant infested. any ideas to a cure ? I have used fly spray all over with caution. Wife wont drive it YYYYYYYYYYYYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSS !!!! gh3382
  3. T

    Is it just me or are Pirelli P6000s total pants?

    With all the recent rain, I've come to notice that my tyres are AWFUL in wet conditions. I have nearly lost the back end twice now, while following much lesser cars through long sweeping bends on A-roads. The rears also spin up REALLY easily when pulling off at the lights, even under moderate...
  4. comports

    Pants - My Fault

    Me again, I've messed up. I just registered a domain name for someone and spelt the damn name wrongly but only after it went through. Can I do a dns amend on the name or something. I bought it for him for 54 years as well so it's gonna cost me if I can't. I used 'le' instead of 'la' in a...
  5. Kinky

    Cack pants moment on the M40 this evening ....

    Driving up to Warwick to meet someone. Plodding along, doing erm .... errr ..... 70ish Quick glance in the rear view mirror and I could see a faint cloud of blue smoke. FCEK. Pulled over to slow lane - no blue smoke. Drove about 5 miles - all OK. oil pressure ok, temperature guage does...
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