1. A

    w211 led parking light error

    Hello everyone I'm new here and would first like to say what a fantastic blog site this is. My problem is I have a w211 that has led parking bulbs fitted but the OBD keeps displaying error codes for them. I had read that it was the chip on the led so I purchases some that advertised no error...
  2. W

    parking lights

    Hi can anyone help me ,i have a c220crdi auto 09 reg and i have noticed that when i have parked it at work for 12 hrs i have come out to find the right hand parking lights on , has anyone came across this and if so how have you had it repaired. Thanks in advance...
  3. M

    Parking Light w5w bulbs W204

    hi - a couple of these went on me about 2 years ago, i replaced them with Osram Cool Blue Intense Now one of the osrams has gone again - just wondering what other people are using for these lights, i dont want to put LEDs in its for a 2009 C220 CDI Sport - thanks
  4. S

    W203 strange click/rattle possible parking brake

    Hi all, I've recently developed a clicking noise which sounded like it was the gearbox, and only happens when moving. I have read up a lot and was convinced it was the parking brake clip thing. I've since had that checked and apparently it appears to be fine. The noise now appears...
  5. J

    Parking Sensor not working

    Hello, I'm a first time recent owner, please pardon me if this is something that should have an obvious answer. I have a 57 registration ML320 CDi. Some days back, the parktronics system started beeping, and reading on this forum, I got to know that I would either need to get them reset...
  6. L

    W140 Parking Sensors

    Hi all, getting through the issues with my new S500 one by one. The parking sensors on the car don't appear to be working. If you press the switch down you get a loud beep and the sensor displays come up showing two solid red bars. But it doesn't work. The manual says to clean the sensors...
  7. P

    A208 CLK Cabrio Avant Parking sensors

    Hi, Ref CLK Cabrio A208, Year 2000 Avantgarde; had a front bump and the 2 parking sensors either side of the number plate have been dislodged just inside the trims. Is there any instructions how I can remove the trimming and access the sensors? Hoping to move the 2 sensors back to their original...
  8. KillerHERTZ

    W213 E-Class Spy Shots

    W213 E-Class Spy Shots - Spotted for the 1st time in its own bodyshell. Very early prototype:
  9. BIG_G_1979

    parking sensors

    hi guys just test drove and bought a 06 e280 cdi sport but what i did notice is that the parking sensors made very little sound is there anyway of adjusting the volume?
  10. Jimmy2404

    Front parking light symbol

    Hi guys Got a front parking light symbol come up on my dash of the c63. Looking at the light at the front it looks in two sections. One of the sections nearer the grill has gone.(though does work sometimes) How easy is it to replace and does the bumper have to come off? Also what bulb is it...
  11. T

    W203 Parking light Problem

    Hi all, I am having a bit of a problem with my parking lights. The offside one isnt working and I have tried changing the bulb, however, this has had no effect. The warning light is also on on the dashboard. Doe anyone have any ideas on what it could be? Thanks very much in advance.
  12. Piff

    Parking "fine"

    Number 2 son works in a commercial unit on an industrial estate. Occasionally when his units carpark is full his and/or other staff menbers cars and company vans have parked on a wide grass verge adjacent to the unit. Having said this there is no admission that he was the driver of that car at...
  13. manofgresley

    Parking Sensors

    Hi, I am new to this site, and new to the world of Mercedes cars, i have recently bought a 2001 CLK 320 Convertible, but the parking sensors do not work, front or back, my reversing lights do come on when in reverse gear, but walk in front of the sensors, nothing. Can anyone help me with...
  14. I

    That Parking Thing

    In my C220CDi W204 it has the parking thing where you go past a space and it indicates it will be feasible. What I don't get is whether my system is faulty or it is just a bit c r a p! Obviously, like most, I can park, but I had a vague idea it might be of use for A N Other driver of the...
  15. G

    W211 - Retrofit Parking sensors

    Dealer price £350 for each (front or rear)... Any one have experience with Halfords ones. They are fitted by hyde park corner (I think £80 for the rear sensors and 50 for fitting)... Any suggestions welcomed Thank you
  16. Frogtastic

    Rear Parking Sensors - This good enough?

    I had rear parking sensors install on our B180 on Wednesday. I did a little researched and the vendor i used had good reviews, however I'm not entirely happy with the colour match nor the very prominent black rings on the sensors them selves. Heres a pic: Is this acceptable?
  17. A

    Where can you get spare parking "bulb" replacements for C55?

    I don't even know what to call these things! My front right parking light has gone (not that I ever use them!), or so the console has been telling me for weeks. Had a look finally and this is what I need to replace: What should I call it? The numbering doesn't seem consistent with...
  18. C

    W203 Parking Sensors

    I have a w203 C class 04, pre face lift. One of the front passanger parking sensors keeps messing about its intermittent but when it happens every time they engage it shows full on the display and beeps alot then works for abit and does it again. Does the little panel come off that the sensors...
  19. cinek

    CCTV parking enforcement

    Not sure if this has been already discussed, my apologies if it has. Ban on councils using CCTV cameras and ?spy cars? to enforce parking restrictions | Briefings | The Lawyer Yellow box...
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