1. acej

    driving perfomance invite for the 1-3 August (see link below) and are you going? Might try and get there but early next week. Anybody else going?
  2. D

    Perfomance, wish my car had some! please help

    i just got this loverly c classs 250 turbo , but its slugish as hell and when i get to 70mph feels like its going to bounce off the road scarey driving, so i checked all the turbo pipes i could see couldnt see any clracks/slits but there war oil everywere so i moped up what i could then took for...
  3. tasn1

    Perfomance vs Economy

    Would you sacrifice economy for perfomance?
  4. P

    a bit strange misterious perfomance daytime vs nightime

    Hi, now i'm trying to figure out, what is causing my car to perfom so easy and perfectly in the evening time, engine starts to run so smooth, so much extra power is coming no matter if engine is cold or hot, but... In daytime, in the morning and daytime, engine is working so hard, if its wrong...
  5. C

    Yet another perfomance question 300CE24v sorry

    Hi I have a 1990 300CE 24v M104-CIS engine. I want to increase the 0-60 performance. I like the style of my car and want to keep it. I always wanted the pillarless coupe of this style. I want it to look from the outside just like any other W124. I'm not after the boy racer look. I therefore I...
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