1. jaymanek

    Anyone been to Peppa Bl00dy Pig World - Poultons Park

    Have been summoned to visit this attraction for my sons birthday this week. Oh Joy. On the plus I get to drive one of my cars there and my 3 year old son has chosen the blue SEC to go in. So my worry is parking, whats the parking like there? If it involves any ramps like multi storey...
  2. snow leopard

    Bought a pig in a poke?

    Can anyone help shed some light? I have just tried to P/ex my SLK200K against a newer C Class Coupe but the dealer discovered that my car was listed as a write off (cat D). When I bought the SLK I was told that it had been HPI checked. I feel pretty dumb for trusting him when he told me that...
  3. sheepy67

    E63 AMG gone, replaced by a PIG

    i decided to change back to a 4x4, as much as i loved the 63 engine i just could not get on with the way it looked, i guess i was spoilt after my CLS. Having had an X5, and finding the range rover to wallowy to drive i decided on a cayenne turbo here she is i have fitted DRL's...
  4. brucemillar

    Disgusting pig jailed

    Last Updated 15:52 12/09/2012 A man who raped a woman who had been thrown off her last bus home because she was 20p short of the fare has been jailed for six and a half years. Joseph Moran, 19, was branded a "pathological liar" by the judge who sentenced him at Nottingham Crown Court. Judge...
  5. chriswt

    AMG 'Red Pig'

    PistonHeads Headlines - Time For Tea? AMG's 'red pig' in action Don't know if this has already featured on this forum but worth look/read.
  6. A

    anyone been to Peppa pig world...

    Quite off topic I guess but will be traveling in a Merc so sort of ok... We are off to France soon and on the way back I could take a slight detour from Dover to Cheshire and go via peppa pig world. 5 yr old daughter would love it. I can get 2 nights hotel with 2 days park tickets for...
  7. tpwuk

    The pig is back!!

    1997 MERCEDES C36 AMG AUTO GREEN | eBay UK Love those floor mats.....
  8. B

    Dirty filthy pig

    Dirty filthy pigs owned my car before me. Look at this air filter and tell me if you have ever seen one worse!:mad:
  9. Spinal

    Roast Suckling Pig Picblog (WARNING GRAPHIC IMAGES)

    Ok, so as requested, I'm going to upload pictures of the suckling pig as it comes along. I just came back from the butcher and started the brining/marinade process. This thread will be graphical, and the pictures will be disturbing if you have never seen where meat comes from. If meat to you...
  10. Gridlock

    Pistonheads on the AMG tour + Red Pig

    PistonHeads Headlines The very first S-Class to be powered by the new M157 engine is a red S-Class with blistered arches, a stripped out and caged cabin and a full complement of precisely replicated sponsorship stickers. It doesn't look or sound anything like as mean as the original Red Pig...
  11. B

    W124 260E: A pig to start!

    I've just bought a 1991 260E to tidy up for my father, all original and FSH. My principal gripe is that from cold it takes forever and a day to start, eventually wearing the battery down after 5 minutes of labouring on the starter, stuttering... when eventually successful in getting it started...
  12. J

    runs like a pig

    Hi all I have a 1995 C200 k and find that it surges below 1000 revs or at idle. I have an engine management light on which has been tested and suggested that it is the airflow sensor but have been told by an indi garage that this isn't the problem. Any ideas as to what could be the...
  13. P

    1996 c180 Classic going like a pig

    First up what a great forum / web site, i have had a 96 c180 classic for year now and love it there is only 80000 mile in the clock. I still have 4000 miles to go before my next service and the thing is going like a pig. It will start ok i the morning but you have to keep revving it so it...
  14. Bear

    Pink pig

    Just seen this on Ananova,perhaps a joint venture in the making?Not!! http://www.ananova.com/news/story/sm_813799.html Pete
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