1. J

    Pinched my ride: supercars stolen by the dozen from UK turn up in Thailand
  2. M

    ML W163 - Who's pinched the Brake Light Switch?

    The ESP BAS light came on in my 2005 W163 ML 270CDI towards the end of a long journey. From memory of similar threads I was fearful of it locking the gear selector and going into limp mode if I stopped or switched off. The next day I re-read the threads and decided to change the Brake Light...
  3. biturbo

    Someones pinched my washer

    I cant believe it. i Have leak in windscree wiper system. Looked and common problem on headlight washer. Looked at mine on the front ad its just a hose. Filled up and water is just pouring out. Someone has nicked both of the headlight washer things that come out of it. I wonder what they are...
  4. Dieselman

    Chav jokes pinched from elsewhere.

    A couple of these are slightly crude. Those of a nervous disposition look away now. Q. What's the difference between a chav and a coconut? A. One's thick and hairy, the other's a coconut. Q. Two chavs jump off a cliff, who wins? A. Society. Q. What does a chav girl use as...
  5. pammy

    pinched from another forum.....

    ...but could you pass the theory test now.. I got 33/35 on the first one :D but only 29/35 on the second :(
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