1. The _Don

    How to invest in classic cars and dodge the pitfalls

  2. I

    Engine Change whats the pitfalls?

    Hi all, i was on the dreded E bay, (compulsion) today and found a great deal on a V^ motor 90 grand miles. Came out of a auto. now I have allways ben a bit of a car freek and was just wondering what the pitfalls are in swapping out my 1.8 for the V6, new ECU clearley but what about the box...
  3. M

    Pitfalls of a 13 year old 124!

    My car's just gone in for a major service, including oil and filters. I'm getting the gearbox oil changed, as well as the diff oil. She'll possibly need new brake discs and pads, too. I've also got some damaged interior trim replaced, along with the collapsed driver's seat being repaired (with...
  4. MBManInKen

    The pitfalls of not repairing potholes

    See this story on BBC News website. 11 year backlog? :crazy: So, where is all the money from road tax etc going to? :mad: Good thing that my warranty covers the airmatic suspension :eek:
  5. S

    Preview pane ? pitfalls

    Guys, have just been told that using the preview pane ( MS outlook ) to catch an overview of E mails could be dodgy in that once any virus e mails are seen in the preview pane that's enough to start them off or execute them, as it were. I'm A little troubled as I though I was being smart...
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