1. brucemillar

    Plasma TV Display

    Folks I now have (long story) a fully working 42" Fujitsu Plasma Display panel in perfect condition. When new it came with a separate media box which controls the inputs to the display. The PSU in the media box has failed and attempts at replacement, repair etc have proved uneconomical...
  2. NAZ_

    Panasonic G10 46 Inch Plasma TV

    Hi All, Up for sale is my Panasonic G10 46 inch plasma TV. After extensive research I opted for this TV for its incredible picture quality and sound quality. There are numerous reviews available online all of which rate it highly. TV is in mint condition as it's been wall mounted since new...
  3. brucemillar

    Fujitsu Plasma Help

    Folks Please help. I have tried without success to get hold of Fujitsu in the UK who either do not answer or continually ask me to call back later. I have a Fujitsu 42" Plasma that has developed a fault. This is the P42HHS30ES which has a separate controller box which connects to the...
  4. mercmanuk

    3 plasma's on 1 pc

    ive a plasma in 3 rooms and have a cat 5 cable at the side of each tv,how can i connect all 3 to one pc so i can watch films,and use internet on all 3.can it be done with the cat 5's.
  5. D

    Plasma vs LED - the debate!!

    Hello People, My CRT TV has decided to move on to another life in scrapyard heaven and now I have the long and difficult task of purchasing a new one. I am after a 50” plus screen… I found a really nice LG LED 55” on Amazon for £1300. I also found a similar spec 50” plasma...
  6. ConvertibleCLK

    Who wants Plasma AMG Dials?

    I have been speaking to a company that produces Plasma dials for the w208 CLK. At present these dials are only available in KMPH, they WILL make them in MPH but have a minimum order of 15. Any one want to go in? In my mind the design would be similar to the W202 AMG dials. Black centres with...
  7. Piff

    Panasonic Plasma TV

    Bought a Panasonic TXP42G10B Plasma in April 09 from an on-line retailer. Didn't buy an extended warranty as 1 - I don't normally and 2 - I thought I was buying a quality product which I expected to be trouble free for several years. Over the last few months it has developed a hum/buzz which...
  8. SilverSaloon

    Plasma TV fault...

    Hi I have a Samsung 40" PS42S5H Plasma TV. Tonight whist watching a DVD, some lines appeared across the bottom half of the screen and then about 5 seconds later, the screen made a pop/crackle noise and now just a mixture of red,green,blue dots appear on the screen. Checked all connections...
  9. whizzkid11

    EMIGRATING: Panasonic Plasma & PS3

    All, My cousin is emigrating to the big apple and is selling his Panasonic Plasma TV and PS3. Both have no reserves and deals can be brokered... ;) Here are the links: Panasonic Viera TH-42PX70 42 in Sony Playstation 3 (40Gb) [Mods, please delete this ad, if deemed...
  10. Matt32AMG

    Plasma Tv

    Just had my new Pioneer Kuro Plasma PDP-LX5090 installed I bought this to replace my Pioneer PDP 433HDE I obtained some 6 years ago at some horrific price, (£4250 seems to ring a bell somewhere in the back of my mind :crazy: :eek: the price one pays for new technology I suppose) Anyway and...
  11. 230K

    Won a Plasma and a wii what should i do??

    Hi The wife won a 42" Samsung plasma tv and a Wii. We have...
  12. W

    TV's - Plasma or LCD

    I have the chance to purchase a Samsung TV from the following list and i'm looking for some advice, never purchased one before so..... 37” LCD TV (LE37A436) 40” LCD TV (LE40A436) 42” PLASMA TV (PS42A457) 50” PLASMA TV (PS50A457) Any thoughts?
  13. M

    Faulty plasma screen TV

    I've just been offered a very cheap plasma screen TV. The only fault is that the volume control has stopped working. That doesn't sound too serious but does anybody have any idea of the repair cost?
  14. oldcro

    Plasma TV fault

    I have a Panasonic 42inch Plasma TV which is less than 2 years old. Yesterday it started to show a thin green line from top to bottom near the centre of the screen. The line (hairline) is more visible the lighter the picture behind it and while still watchable is very annoying. The line is there...
  15. ADY1983

    Genuine AMG plasma dials for W124

    I thought i'd put these up here before I ebay them. This is a genuine set of AMG dials, out of my old 300CE They cost me £140 a couple of years ago. Only used for about 6 months though, if that, considering the amount of time the car was off the road. Looking for £80. Postage is...
  16. MikeL

    LCD, Plasma and Projection (again!)

    I found this review - although American - it is useful on a number of counts. Firstly it is bang up to date, secondly it compares different types of large screen and goes into the spec of each set in detail, while at the same time not letting just the "numbers" sway the results. Lastly -...
  17. verytalldave


    This is not a post for discussion - simply a place to record your preference for your main TV set type. Many apologies if this poll has been run before - in which case please remove............ 30 day poll.
  18. glojo

    Plasma Burn

    Following on from another thread, has anyone any advice about this annoying issue. I am a news addict and this addiction has now bitten me in the backside. I tend to mainly watch Sky News and both the Sky logo and the tick-a-tape that is permanently on the screen now have a ghost image...
  19. Donza

    LCD or Plasma Television? help me out!

    My father is after a 50 inch TV. I have an LCD, and i without doubt recommend it. HOWEVER, i have never had a plasma. He can get a fully kitted 50" plasma for 1000 pounds. Compare this to an LCD, which retails in the UK at 1200 minimum. Which type should he buy...
  20. BenzComander

    Panasonic 50" Plasma question

    Does anybody have one of these Is it good value for the spec, or is there another TV we should be looking at. Will be used for watching sport, films and kids programmes:D Advice appreciated!
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