1. J

    Position of ecu pms on C180 facelift

    Hi,in the w202 C180. '97 facelift where is the ecu pms?under wash reservoir is noting. Thanks
  2. B

    PMS ignition Module Siemens / Bosch in W124 E200 1995 M111 Engjne

    Hola seniors and to all Merc owners I need to understand what is the main function of PMS system in some of the W124 series/years. And what are other components related to this PMS unit. How to ensure life of this PMS unit prolong and dont's. Is PMS better than HFM equipped...
  3. funga007

    mercedes pms module ignition

    Working. Taken off a running car. 20%off for club members
  4. Marcello

    (w202) Engine won't start - Fuelpump or PMS ECU problem?

    hi there, about a week ago my C200 (w202/1996) won't start the engine. at the beginning i thought it might be the fuel pump are broken -- because each time i tried to started the engine i cannot hear the fuel pump motor. (sometimes it works sometimes its not). until yesterday the mechanic...
  5. Gareth

    KillerHertz - Please clear your PMs

    Karl, Can you clear your PMs and / or PM me please. Regards, Gareth
  6. R

    wanted w202 c200 pms unit part number:0185451132

    I am in desperate need of a pms unit part number 0185451132 please let me know if you have one you can ring or text me on 07965575777 must be in working order
  7. grober

    Pms ecu fault finding

    Found this useful link for fault finding on the Mercedes PMS controlled injection system as fitted to some early C class W202. :thumb: Hope some folks find it useful? there is also this link to some pdf's on the associated wiring. wiring...
  8. M

    202 c class c200 pms engine contro unit

    As stated in title im after a pms control unit (engine) for a c200 many thanks in advance
  9. Mercedes cozy

    Mercedes C200 PMS UNIT ECU 018 545 11 32 for sale

    Very Rare, hard to come by Mercedes part number 018 545 11 32 If your car is mis-firing on two cylinders, this is the most likely cause. PM me for details. UNit has been tested, can be seen working.
  10. R/T.E49

    PMS Cam advance

    Outside the AMG engine kit, were any M111 engines with pms ever fitted with the cam advance.....I can't remember if any of the early V Class (638) had this or if they were hfm. We fitted an AMG kit to a C180 when they were released, it used an in line solenoid from the ecu to activate the...
  11. M

    W202 Pms Control Unit (engine)

    hi peeps just bought a non start c class 200 elegance and found that some noob has cut the engine control unit in half for some strange reason the part number is 0185451132 which has superceded to 0185454332 so if anyone has one or knows where to get one please let me know any help would be...
  12. I

    ECU (PMS) for C200 year 95 (W202)

    Hi seniors. I need an ECU (PMS) for Mercedes C200 (W202) year 95. Anyone here knows how to get used/new ECU? Or anyone here knows how and where to get a damaged ECU repaired/rebuilt? What is the cost? My current ECU number: 018 545 1132 Thanks in advance.
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