1. L

    W202 polybelt replacement quote

    Hello, The poly belt in my wife's W202 needs replacing and the local non-Merc garage quoted me over £200 for OE parts (belt and tensioner). That looks a bit steep to me, given the belt alone could be changed in 10 minutes. Does anybody know how much I should expect to pay using non-OE parts? I...
  2. SL300-24

    W211 V6 E320CDI polybelt change

    Hi Has anybody changed their polybelt on the V6 diesel? Is it a normal DIY job or are special tools needed? Has anyone seen a 'how to' on the net please? Took the estate in for the safety recall yesterday and they advised that it was starting to crack, so I will try and have a go...
  3. D

    Polybelt tension (daft question)

    The instructions for removing/replacing the polybelt suggests holding off the tensioner with a 5mm pin or drill but I cannot see a hole. Access to get a good look is not easy. I would be grateful for a clue where to look! Thanks (R129 SL500)
  4. M

    rattling sound near polybelt should i worry?

    Hi All, I hear this rattling sound and it looks like its from the polybelt area. Is the tensioner going or is there something else i need to worry about? It is more pronounced at idle and I don't seem to hear it when reving up the engine. noisey polybelt area - a set on Flickr Thanks...
  5. Z

    C220 Polybelt Diagram

    Hi, On my way home last night I lost the Polybelt and need a diagram to show the routing to fit a replacement. Car is a 2001 C220 Coupe with Air Con. Please help :dk: Thanks Graeme
  6. D


    Does anybody know how to change the polybelt on a 98' W210 and what tools are needed?
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