1. grober

    Why Electric cars are popular in Norway

    Why do they love electric cars in the Arctic Circle? - BBC News Encouraged by Norway's abundance of electrical hydropower their electric car incentives make the UK MODEL purchase subsidy a bit of a joke. Interestingly no mention of the problems of battery powered cars operating in near or...
  2. W

    The 20 most popular new motors of 2013

    Top 20 biggest selling cars of 2013 | This is Money Marque 2013 Sales % Market Share Abarth 807 0.06 Alfa Romeo 3,163 0.24 Aston Martin 575 0.04 Audi 84,528 6.38 Bentley 727 0.05 BMW 73,604 5.55 Chevrolet 7,465 0.56 Chrysler 1,551 0.12 Citroen 48,516 3.66 Dacia 8,297 0.63 Fiat...
  3. B

    Classic Mercedes popular in UK?

    HI, I was wondering as a foreigner, how popular the Classic Mercedeses are for dialy driving in the UK? I understood that some time ago, they got much more expensive to drive because the tax free oldtimer concept was changed (to before 73 I believe). Are there still many people driving the...
  4. I

    What’s the most popular car on the forum? Can we find out?

    Hi All, I’m sure I’ve asked – or seen it asked – before. Is there a list somewhere of the Mercedes Models owned by members? Has (could) a boffin type put together a simple box-tick thing whereby all we have to do is click the model, etc, from a drop down list and the running totals are...
  5. G

    Popular Air filters in Europe?

    My KN filter is due for a change because the underside is just completely black, I know I can just clean it, re-oil it, and stick it back in, but the first time I used a KN, it killed my MAFs. After that I actually cleared out the excess oil by holding the filter outside the window, letting the...
  6. B

    6th Most Popular car to steal - MSN

    http://cars.uk.msn.com/features/photos.aspx?cp-documentid=155875223 "Although no longer part of the Mercedes lineup, the CLK remains popular with car thieves. Stealing the keys or taking the car through violence remain the most popular ways to nick a CLK. A recent trend, however, is to use...
  7. NW_Merc

    Check this out, for those who watched the popular tv series Knight Rider

  8. bahamars

    What is the current most popular Mercedes-Benz Colour?

    What colour is your Mercedes-Benz? It might have been asked before but what the heck - Let's establish the most popular vehicle colour on this forum. (M-B owners only :p ) Vote for the colour of your car now - not what you would like it to be!!
  9. Alfie

    Most popular thread

    Anyone know which/what thread has had the most replies and most views ever?
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