1. MWCLS

    Selling Privately Not much happening!

    My CLK C209 280 AMG Sport coupè well not strictly a AMG without the engine all the same a nice car. Since the arrival of my second son its not getting used .. at all less than 200 miles since sept 16. I've advertised the car on AT its 60k 06 Reg Full MB history. Above average condition for its...
  2. T

    Selling cars privately

    Has everything changed? I thought seems as I had 4 weeks before I pick up my new MB, it was worth putting my 2013 BMW up forsale privately to see if I can get more money than the trade in price. I took the trade in price added £2k and thought that was a good start, still cheaper than the rest...
  3. P

    Selling privately

    What are current opinions on selling privately? I've looked on Auto Trader but there doesn't appear to be many low mileage W203 available to compare to. I've used with success before for my wife's car. So this is an option, but I would like to see if I can do any better (without...
  4. KillerHERTZ

    Buying a car privately

    Maybe a stupid question, but how do you normally pay for a car when buying it privately? All previous cars I have owner I have bought from a dealer and paid on card. I dont fancy carrying £XXXX's as cash, so do you normally do a bank transfer? write a chq? I might have found a nice motor a...
  5. SilverSaloon

    Selling house privately

    Hi Does anyone have any experience of selling your house privately? ie sites such as: Private House Sales Upgraded Online Estate Agent Service for i'd be interested in anyone's experience with this or any advice they may have. cheers Derek
  6. Tan

    Buying a car privately

    Hi We have found a car that we are interested in purchasing from a private seller. I will be carrying out an HPi check and having the car inspected by a main dealer, so that should take care of that side of things. However, what is the best way to deal with payment? Sorry if this is...
  7. W

    Buying a car privately - secure payment outside of banking hours

    So it looks most likely that I'll be buying a car tomorrow. :) I'm meeting the private seller at his house at 6pm. I've offered to pay with a bankers' draft, which he's accepted, though he says he wishes to phone the branch to verify. But 6pm will be too late. So is there an alternative...
  8. blondebier

    Selling your house privately...?

    Hi Guys, We've pretty much outgrown our house and are thinking of moving to somewhere bigger. In the current economic climate I'd rather not throw money away and was thinking of selling our house privately. (I don't care much for the estate agents around here...) I could quite easily knock up...
  9. P

    RaceFace bike parts for sale privately

    Have a few RaceFace mountainbike parts for sale privately...:) All new and boxed. Please PM me if interested.. List : 2x RaceFace Ride X-type cranks size 175mm. Rings 44/32/22 with Ride X-type bottom bracket (68/73mm). £80 or 92 euros shipped. 2x RaceFace Evolve XC X-type crank size 175mm...
  10. A

    Used car inspection- W211-buying privately.

    Just offered to buy a W211 estate. Is there anyone i should use to inspect it as its out of warranty and done about nearly 100k miles. I'm going to put a warranty on it from Warranty direct but they will not cover any existing faults. Seems like the Mrs wins again and I'm back with the E...
  11. Kinky

    If you're selling your car privately ...

    be careful out there:
  12. O

    Selling a car privately

    I will be selling my lovely '94 SL280 soon, only 66k miles. I have had it for 5 years but now need something with proper back seats :) I just wanting to ask, how much should I be expecting to get for it? Originally I was going to buy a brand new Merc at the dealership. I was offered...
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