1. c_200k

    Eurocharged handheld programmer

    Had this for my W211 E63 which I sold 6 months ago. I'm sure you can get a map for your car from Eurocharged and use the handheld, please check with Eurocharged first. £200+pp ono
  2. D

    Eurocharged Programmer

    Recently sold my C63AMG. I had a Eurocharged programmer and map for it. I removed this prior to selling the vehicle. I still have the handheld programmer. I believe it is $550 to have it remapped to fit another car. It will take a C63 from 450bhp to around 500bhp. It made a noticeable...
  3. Ricky16

    Eurocharged handheld programmer

    Hi all been looking for more info on the eurocharged handheld programmer and performance software this appeals to me as the wife would ask some awkward questions if I take my car garage to have a remap. What are the benefits / pros cons of doing it this way over going to Msl/eurocharged Thanks...
  4. PhilDR

    EuroCharged My Genius Programmer offer

    Hey guys, we are having a stock clear out before we move into our new unit in January... We currently have 2x My Genius Handheld programmers for NA63 cars Normal price is circa £500+ we are selling the at £399 If you want them with Eurocharged Tune they are normally £1100+ We are selling...
  5. A

    MB Key Programmer question

    I have a question about MB IR Key Programmer Does this tool need to remove the epprom from pcb ? Thanks.:doh:
  6. B

    Mercedes-Benz dongle key programmer Smart Key Teach-In

    Mercedes-Benz dongle key programmer Smart Key Teach-In | eBay would this really work, previously i have read that keys have to be programmed and dumps read from esl etc etc.....
  7. verytalldave

    Key programmer

    I wonder how many have access to one of these ? ? ?............ So its not just Mercedes who can supply a working key for your car......available to anybody providing you can afford one.
  8. glojo

    Ignition Key Programmer for new cars!!

    Thank goodness this does not apply to Mercedes-Benz vehicles. Unbelievable that you can buy this equipment on Ebay. BMW IMMOKEY PROGRAMMER This is a professional unit to copy or setup new keys for BMW's with EWS2/3/3+,Rover 75,MINI,RangeRover,FreeLander,Discovery.
  9. A

    programmer or serial killer

    spot the faces 8/10 for me Andy
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