1. R

    In pursuit of perfection...

    So 2014 is here and I've decided to keep my car and therefore I will need to ensure that it is properly looked after. Having taken my car from 17k miles to 40k miles in less than 18 months, it has obviously seen some action and has one or two blemishes requiring sorting out. This will take a...
  2. M

    Need For Speed Hot Pursuit EA Crew Edition

    Hi everyone, This is an opportunity to purchase a collectors PC game. These EA CREW edition games were made in very limited numbers for EA employees only. They come in a limited sleeve, with a special message from the EA CEO inside. The game cover and disc print is also custom. The...
  3. J

    Ps3 friend list - need for speed hot pursuit

    Most of my friends have Xbox (honestly :) ) Need for speed hot pursuit is a great speed fix, anyone out there have it on ps3? my friend name is johny5_uk . Such a buzz playing cops and robbers!
  4. ringway

    Police Pursuit Drivers.

    On the M60 this afternoon in clear weather and with very light traffic volume I was travelling in lane 2 at 75-80mph when a Police Vx Vectra with blues and two's passed me in lane 3 at (without underestimation) 120-130mph (possibly faster). Obviously on a very urgent call. I'm sure that 95%+...
  5. grober

    Trivial pursuit question 20006?

    For those of us fascinated by by Automotive trivia. A question What is the link between Vic Mackey of "The Shield" and Mercedes -Benz ownership?:confused: Still one of the most exciting shows on TV IMHO.:rock:
  6. WLeg

    OT - New Police Pursuit Car seen in Watford

    well, I found it funny.....
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