1. grober

    Hms queen elizabeth night transit

    https://youtu.be/BknEq236s_Q [YOUTUBE HD]/BknEq236s_Q[/YOUTUBE HD]
  2. Rashman

    The Queen's arrival at common wealth games..

    Man, was that Bentley on hydraulics or do you reckon they were sampling abit of hippie hop as they rolled in?! That Bentley was literally rockin' ! :rock: lol
  3. gaz_l

    My car, the garage queen..

    Just turned over 20,000 miles today - some 6 years and 2 months after delivery. I use it more than the first owner did (I've done nearly 9000 in two and a bit years), but really I think I should get out more. Perhaps a trip to Affalterbach next year is called for.. Cheers, Gaz
  4. WesLangdon

    no trips to the Greek sunshine for Mrs Queen

    BBC News - Why has the Queen never visited Greece?
  5. tali

    Roger Taylor - Queen 600SEL

    Mercedes 600 SEL Ex Roger Taylor for sale, classic cars for sale uk (Car: 155991) My enquiries show it as one of early 600sels as registered 3 months from launch -and seems to be 7th rhd off production line :cool: Intrestingly i recall this car was stolen , when Taylor left the car for a...
  6. Godot

    Bohemian Bankruptcy - A tragedy by Drag Queen

    Not Seen this until now (posted on a nother forum I am a member of) I think is exceedingly well done!:D:D:D:D:D w5EFEQ9aY6o
  7. ringway

    Drag Queen Cage Fighters Sort Out Yobs.

    Drunk thugs attack 'drag queens' only to find out they're cage fighters As drunken stunts go, this is not the cleverest... Two boozed-up yobs who picked on a pair of drag queens got a shock when the men turned out to be cagefighters out on a fancy dress stag night. Retribution was swift...
  8. L

    Baby Queen

    Just been sent this, had me in stitches:D http://users.telenet.be/leukelinks/flash/queen.htm
  9. High-Lo

    Happy Birthday to The Queen

    Have a great day :bannana:
  10. simonl

    OT: George Bush meets the Queen

    George Bush met The Queen, and he turns round and says: "As I'm the President, I'm thinking of changing how the country is referred to, and I'm thinking that it should be a Kingdom". To which the Queen replies, "I'm sorry Mr Bush, but to be a Kingdom, you have to have a King in charge - and...
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