1. Screwdriver

    R12 R24 Air Conditioning Specialist: Intocool in Essex

    I've been posting detailed progress about my W123 OEM restoration on Peach Parts I purchased my '84 300D knowing that the AC wasn't working. It hadn't worked in 5 years or more, around when R12 became impossible to procure. So naturally, when I pulled into Intocool's vehicle bay this...
  2. mercmush

    Air conditioning R12 to RS24

    Hello all forum members, not sure if I've posted in the right place but I just wanted to share an excellent a/c engineer's services. My 1991 560SEL suffered the usual nonsense from the previous owner about the a/c just needing regassing to magically come to life again. Against my better...
  3. jpskiller

    Air Con R12 to R134a ??

    Been thinking about getting my air con checked / gassed but apparantly the old R12 gas stopped production in 93' and is illegal for garages to use but im not sure about that. Is it possible to use subsitute gas or does this require an expensive system change, if change which bits are we...
  4. B

    Aircon conversion (R12 to R134a) - recommended specialists?

    I posted earlier about aircon troubleshooting, but thought I ought to start a new thread on this question... Can anyone suggest or recommend a specialist to convert the aircon system of my 1990 560SEC from its original R12 to run on R134a? I have to bite the bullet and do this, as my system is...
  5. B

    Aircon - R12 and alternatives. What to do?

    I have three pre-1992 cars - including my W126 560 SEC - with a/c systems running on R12. I'm hoping that as long as I run the a/c periodically to keep the circulation going and the seals lubricated, things will be OK. But I fear it's inevitable that re-gassing will be necessary at some point...
  6. Apial

    R12 refrigerant conversion to what?

    What is the current acceptable gas that is used as a replacement for systems running R12a? I mentioned R49 to one local firm and they said no to that one. They said they used R134a in conjuction with a special extra type of oil that sat on top of the standard oil. I was told that R18 and R49...
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