1. Eee21

    ML Bike rack

    Hi all I'm looking for a bike rack for the ML 2014 does anyone know of any suitable. Thanks
  2. R

    steering rack

    some months ago i started losing power steering fluid on my merc e320 v6. it was a bit damp around the reservoir and there was a little moisture on the cross member. so i called mercerdes in my area spoke to one of their tech goose. he said it was the o ring in the reservoir which is common. got...
  3. H

    ML 55 Steering rack replacement

    Hi It seems the steering rack on my 2001 ML55 is failing, build up of fluid inside one of the gaiters. I'm toying with getting the rack rebuilt, any pros, cons, or recommendations? Also what sort of labour is involved with removing and refitting? Thanks in advance
  4. S

    Roof rack for convertible

    Although not specifically listed for a convertible, the Saris Superbones 3 bike rack fitted my CLK perfectly. Very sturdy, with built in racket straps and locks. I would definitely recommend it. [/IMG]
  5. Ben320cdi

    Boot bag or boot rack? E350 Cab

    I have an E350 cab and need to create a little more luggage space for the summer trip with the family. Has anyone on here had any experience with the boot bags that strap to your boot lid? Alternatively has anyone fitted a boot rack to an E350 cab? The boot bag seems the most flexible option...
  6. wiggo220

    W204 steering rack leak

    Has any one had issues with leaking power steering fluid from the steering rack? Car is C220 cdi, 62 plate, 37k miles Starting whining when almost full lock and car was weighted to either side. Checked P/S fluid and topped up, noise went away :-) Car has just come back from a B...
  7. tomtoms

    w212 roof bars/bike rack

    Hi all, has anyone got a w212 with the roof bars and bike rack? Preferably someone with the glass roof and sunroof? I'm a little hesitant in ordering the Thule wingbar ones incase I cant open the sunroof once fitted because on their website it says the sunroof may not open? Long sot but...
  8. H

    W164 Internal bike rack

    New and unused W164 internal bike rack, South Wales £125
  9. mitadoc

    W246 B-Class roof rack for box - which ones?

    Hi mates, I have 15 plate B-Class W246 and I am after roof rack in order to put a box on them. There are plenty of them ,starting from 50-ish something up to 350-ish. I don`t want to pay for the most expensive ones,but I don`t want to buy a piece of junk either. Any help is much...
  10. Steve320

    Luggage Rack...

    Certainly is a one-off. Think it might start a trend though... https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/302164373147
  11. C

    W210 steering rack

    Hi all, I'm in a quandary as to which rack I need. There's 2 options, 1 with servotronic and 1 without. Can anyone with EPC access, tell me which 1 I need? I'm thinking its servotronic as the steering is very light. Also where is the best place to get a new/referbed unit from? Cheers...
  12. brucemillar

    Power Steering Rack Re-Furb

    Folks My woeful run of car bad luck continues. Does anybody know who can repair/refurbish a leaking C55 Power Steering Rack please?
  13. C

    CLS 320 Steering Rack

    Hi all Anybody got any idea what the voltage should be on the SPS solenoid on the rack when car at idle/low speed my indie thinks voltage is currently too low in above condition. Secondly would it be feasible to remove solenoid and blank off the port?? many thanks for info urgently...
  14. Borys

    Steering rack cls

    My cls is diagnosed with bad steering rack Anyone can recommend a place I can get one Called few places seems no one stock it Need a rack with speed sensor Was offered a repair service but car on the ramp for few days is not possible Thanx
  15. D

    Mercedes e class estate 2016 roof rack and cycle bars

    As above. I'm looking for roof bars and ideally 3 bike holders for my new e class estate which arrives end of June. Must be genuine merc and I'm happy to buy just the bars and bike holders separately if that's easier. I will need them posted to G14RZ. Ta Scott
  16. H

    Wanted W163 ML internal bike rack

    Hi, I'm looking for an internal bike rack for my 2004 W163, any help or info greatly appreciated Huw 07769 848836
  17. RH2013

    Thule 532 Easy Rider bike Rack

    https://www.rosebikes.co.uk/article/thule-freeride-532-bike-carrier/aid:479983?channable=e8467.NDc5OTgz&***id=CjwKEAjwxce4BRDE2dG4ueLArHMSJADStCqMa5K78WHzocg_gXNb_cEA3iH3V8OJotUQt-4BQMqjzBoCN8Hw_wcB Still in the box. I ordered one too many. With T Section fitments. £25 collect from Leicester area.
  18. Gaz-M

    2012 Vito 122 Sport-X Power Steering Fluid/ Leaking Past Rack Seals..

    Well after a long huint I bought a 2012 Vito 122 Sport-X, and Im loving it bar this problem that just arised at the weekend past. After a week of ownership and a few hundred miles, last weekend I got the very obvious power steering pump noise when its low on fluid. Luckily i wasnt far from a...
  19. M

    C124 W124 coupe roof rack

    Hi, I am looking for a genuine MB roof rack. Thanks
  20. J

    W211 e55 amg steering rack...

    I think mine is shafted :( replaced every arm and bush recently, the steering just seems wrong! Had alignment done makes no difference. Shocks are fine, no leaks etc.... The car wonders and I can feel everything through the steeringwheel.... Also with ignition off but car turned on rocking...
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