1. DanMorgan

    W140 Staggered Wheels + Rolling Radius

    Hi All, I have recently bought a W140 S280 for peanuts and planning to use as a daily. I have been told that they do not like staggered wheels and can cause issues with the cruise control and other things. I have an oppotunity to buy a set of W210 Staggered AMG Monoblocks, where there is a...
  2. S

    20mm PCD 5x112 Hubcentric wheel spacers with extended radius bolts

    I am selling my nearly new precision CNC machined 20mm Hubcentric wheel spacers with extended radius bolts. These are PCD 5x112, they have come off my W209 CLK55 AMG but may fit other models, please check to make sure. I am selling the alloy spacers with the correct extended RADIUS bolts so...
  3. W

    Where to find wheel bolt seat radius?

    I have some 16" Toliman wheels and I need to find out the radius of the ball seat so I can buy some new bolts to the correct specification. ?
  4. c55

    19s & rolling radius

    Can you use 19s on w202, I know u can on the CLK, but r any body work mods required for the Cclass , how would u retain the rolling radius ?
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