1. Fordwick

    Recover Artico seats to Leather

    Can anyone recommend a vehicle upholsterer in the Essex area to carry out this work, and also retro fit electric seating? Thanks in anticipation.
  2. E

    Recover files from iTunes backups

    Rather than restoring your equipment you can browse the backup file and retrieve Tex's, Contacts, Photos Apps, ..etc. And its free.... iPhone Backup Viewer to browse and manage iPhone backups. 100% FREE :thumb:
  3. ShinyF1

    How to recover a corrupted Outlook [pst] file

    Can anyone recommend a bit of software that can recover a corrupted outlook *.pst archive? The pst file is approx 3.5GB I have tried the outlook repair tool with no luck, but see various software tools advertised at varying cost adn am unsure if (a) they work or (b) the best one to buy Many...
  4. colin.c43

    Steering wheel/gear lever re-cover? (W202 AMG)

    I've got the black/silver-blue leather combination in my W202 C43. The silver-blue leather (what is the correct name for this colour?) on the steering wheel and gear lever is showing signs of age. Does the panel know anyone that retrims them? Cheers Colin
  5. keysl

    Best place to buy new R129 interior or cheaper to recover original seats etc

    Looking to replace a grey interior on a 94 SL320 with black or tan. Best place to buy or would recovering the seats in the correct colour/replace carpets be the best bet? Thanks
  6. D

    Can I recover a word file

    Hi I have messed up badly. I was closing screens on Word, and seem to have closed the wrong document, saying no to saving. Had I realised what I was closing - I may well have said yes! It looks like I have lost a days work so far - is there an Autosave location or anything similar which...
  7. BenzComander

    Recover deleted Outlook items

    Anybody know if this is possible? Somehow, a load of contacts disapeared into the deleted items folder and we deleted them :mad: Also, cant understand how the contacts got deleted from address book, as both my partner and I swear we did not delete any. Any ideas on that one as well...
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