1. Charles Morgan

    Inertia reel seatbelt restorers

    I have tried googling and the adverts in the back of various classic car mags with no luck but the inertia reels on my Citroën SM need a good fettle and I'd be grateful for any recommendations.
  2. D

    Retro-fit Centre-Rear Inertia Reel Seat Belt W124 Estate

    Hello all I'm a complete Noob to the MB Club Forum, so I apologise if this is a common post, but I haven't found any info using the search function. Basically I've just bought a 'new' W124 and want to replace the centre lap belt with an inertia reel 3 point belt. Is there a simple kit that...
  3. A

    twin reel blind for W124 estates we are getting a new one courtesy of the insurance company so the old one is up for grabs. Feel free to bid or make sensible (or derisory offers) here. Andy
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