1. Palfrem

    Distance Selling Regs.

    Does anyone know anything about these please? I seem to recall a few bits, but.... I received a Christmas gift via Amazon but it was not suitable so needs to go back. Turns out it was via Amazon Marketplace and originated in Germany. The postage back to Germany is more than the value...
  2. R

    Help with Fire Regs building a Loft Extension

    Hi Guys We are in the process of designing a loft extension and one isse that is causing us a headache is the need to have a "protected exit". Our ground floor is open plan. We have been advised that we would need to put in a wall on the ground floor that seperated the stairs fromn the rest...
  3. The _Don

    New mot regs - do you need to panic?

    PistonHeads Headlines - New MOT regs - Do you need to panic?
  4. SilverSaloon

    current regs MOT and number plates

    hi my E300D (1994 model) has failed its MOT on both number plates. apparently they now need to be fully black characters and not the carbon fibre effect i have had on there for years. MOT tester says this is a new law just recently - can anyone confirm and also whetehr it is still valid...
  5. M

    Building work - how much to pay for drawings (building regs, etc)

    I have a '30s detached house and I'm looking to get a rear extension built, using the recently changed Permitted Development Rights (= no planning permission required, for this house at least). It would be 4m deep and about 7m wide, single storey with a mono-pitched roof. No strange shapes or...
  6. GrahamC230K

    Building Regs Part J and Balanced Flue Locations

    Calling on the forum trades people, do we have anyone qualified to answer an enquiry relating to the postion of a balanced flue and how close I can locate a graden shed to it? The general diagram in the Part J documentation I have found doesn't fully answer my question. It perhaps does, but...
  7. GrahamC230K

    Conversatories and Building Regs

    I am looking into a conservatory. The purpose of the conservatory would be to extend the size of my room rather than any particular want for a glass room. Conservatory over extension as my area has strict covenants enforced by a trust and conservatories are to an extent exempt. Plus as it is...
  8. Ian B Walker

    New French Speeding regs

    I have just received an e-mail from a friend in France regarding new speeding regs, it makes scary reading. Starting June 2003, if you're caught speeding 30 kms over the speed limit, you'll loose your license for three years. Apparently, this now also applies for all EC members. Speeding...
  9. Andy W

    Building regs

    Is there anyone on this forum who can give me a little building regs advice. Last weekend my neighbour on our adjoining wall had a builder to build 8 pillars consisting of two bricks per course to a max of 1.2 m high, at the time I commented that the cement mortar mix looked very grey like...
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