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    CLK Roof Repacement

    Hi, A few months ago I bought a CLK 320 Convertible. I have an issue with part of the roof lining sticking out either side of the rear window when the roof is closed. It seems this is a common problem caused by internal cables failing/stretching. I have tried but failed to find anybody who...
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    W209 LH Wing Mirror Repacement

    Hi, I and my W209, CLK320 Elegance, had an argument :confused: with my front entrance gate the other night. Both the gate and the my LH., wing mirror now require attention. I have stripped the mirror and removed the two pices of housing and find that the rear most facing section that...
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    Repacement stereo

    I have taken out the audio 10 unit from my year 2000 E class and replaced it with a much better sound quality JVC CD head unit. The patch lead for the steering wheel controls is by means of a jack input to the head unit, but is not compatible to plug into the mercs ISO plug connector. The ISO...
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    Repacement Keys

    I have just picked up a '92 W124 and only got one ignition key. (as ever the guy is looking for the others...) Do I need to get an extra one from an MB dealer or do the normal key cutting places do them?
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