1. Carrotchomper

    Speaking of resprays...

    Ever since I purchased my Audi I have been less than happy with some nasty stone chips on the bonnet- There were about 5 large noticable ones and a significant "rash" over the rest of the bonnet and wingtops. I went to a bodyshop in Bristol to get a quote, and decided to respray the bonnet...
  2. R


    Guys cars looks great in the Gallery. It set me wondering is £750 a special price for Guy or is that what a respray costs? How long should it take, how long will it last, what are the pros and cons? can you change colour??
  3. D


    :( hi,my 420sl is 16 years old the rust has started to show in the form of bubbling ,rear wheel arches, iam thinking of a respray any ideas on the cost also how long before the rust reapear thanks in advance regards damien :mad:
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