1. S

    E280 CDI Estate W211 Rides hard

    Hi, Not sure if somebody can help me point out if my Shocks need changing. My E280 CDI has done 180k and not sure if the shocks have ever been changed. It has airmatic in the back however the height is fine and no issues there. The only problem is when driving over an uneven road surface...
  2. E

    1985 500 SEC Carat by Duchatelet. Retro rides

    http://retrorides.proboards.com/thread/170707/merce-1985-rare-carat-duchatelet Might be of interest to someone.
  3. R

    Roxie Rides Great but needs music

    Hi all, Soooo I've collected my SLK 230 2001 and love her. First time driving both an MB and automatic and I really don't think ill look back on either :bannana: The car is fitted with a standard MB CD player. I would love to be able to connect my iPhone/iPod so that it plays through...
  4. K

    Passenger rides for Charity @ Snetterton

    Thought I would put this here to see if anyone has any cars they think would attract some interest at an event I am putting on. Charity Race Experience Day Snetterton - Welcome | Facebook On Saturday 26th November, you will have the chance to be a passenger in a variety or race and supercars...
  5. Palfrem

    No more i-drive a rock hard rides

    After a disappointing MB experience with a half finished C220 and a rusting W210 320 cdi I bought an E39 530d. What a car! Loved it. Couldn't find one thing wrong with it. Local BMW dealership managed to talk me into E60 530d. Hated it with a vengeance after E39 Swapped within a week or...
  6. T

    Alright baby you wanna know how Mac C the pimp rides huh?

    Old video, but really funny. Maybe someone here hasn't seen it before :D "Sittin daytons baby, gold mofo daytons" C07CImALR0g
  7. Beetnik

    Reader's rides

    Just back from a few days spent on the Lleyn peninsula. Glorious drive there and back - avoiding motorways and taking the Woodhead Pass rather than the M62 and through Snowdonia rather than the A55. A412 from Bala to Trawsfynydd was especially glorious - virtually no traffic, top down, sweeping...
  8. C

    My rides..

    Im new here at the forum.. I like it wery much. Here is a little gallery of my cars.. and ex cars.. I ride the Silver C240-Wagon now, and I like it wery much. My gallery
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