1. Alfie

    Anyone encountered any ridiculous road closures / traffic systems?

    It seems to me that pretty much everywhere I drive these days there are roadworks of some sort or another. Not only do these take an inordinate length of time to complete (job preservation I suspect), they are often il-timed and badly planned. Reading. Not a town I have ever liked mainly...
  2. cheffy

    Virgin - on the ridiculous !

    Just heard on the radio this morning, some guy out yesterday to see the "Flying Scotsman" - the worlds most famous train, on its inaugural journey after a 10 year re-fit. This chap, planned his spot, gets there nice and early, sets up his chair and camera, and waits, then, just as its passing, a...
  3. T

    Help - I know this sounds ridiculous!

    I'm gonna make my self look really stupid here ladies and gents but I thought it's easier to ask on here than go out to the car and read through the manual! I've got a 2013 C-class coupe, and I cannot find the lever to get the back seats down! I went to put a big box in there the other day and...
  4. Mactech

    Ridiculous to Sublime?

    My ‘company car’ is in the workshop for some major updates so I’m in a hire car for a week or so. After months of being pointed at, chased and photographed a little anonymity beckoned.;) So I asked for a Golf. Sixt have given me a Bluemotion model which did my West London to Norfolk run at a...
  5. M

    This is ridiculous....

    Link WIM? I think hes got some camber issues?
  6. The Boss

    THIS IS RIDICULOUS.. (Burglar attacker's appeal fails )

    Fair enough, they went abit OTT, but had they not done so, then the intruders could have returned and inflicted more damage or injury at a subsequent break in, plus the Burglar had no control or restraint in their actions, and thus the overly hard response was somewhat justified me feels...
  7. The Boss

    This is ridiculous!

    ok.. so i started a thread a while ago.. about fake amg badges on non amg cars... bottom line.. its up to u.. if u want it, do it, if you dont, dont have the badge.. :) choice is yours... but this is just ridiculous!!
  8. jimti

    Pole shows how ridiculous bureaucracy can be

  9. NW_Merc

    I've heard of engine transplants but this is ridiculous

  10. SportsCoupeRich

    i want so many of these it is ridiculous....

  11. scotth_uk

    Most ridiculous car I have ever seen.

    I took this photo in about 2000 at an import car yard in Brisbane, Australia near where I was living. It's a Daihatsu Midget.
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