1. Druk

    Consumer Rights.

    Bought a Hyundai leaf blower from an on-line site and it was delivered November 25th 2016. For varicose reasons I didn't get round to filling it with 2stroke and starting it until the week before last. Lets say 12th Jan. :dk: It starts (with some difficulty) but won't run on anything over idle...
  2. A

    Consumer rights when buying from trade

    A couple of issues have come up recently, which, while not terribly costly (in the scheme of things!), don't seem very ethical for a trade sale. I agreed a price eventually which was presented as is with a couple of known minor faults. The email with the invoice contained the language "All...
  3. J

    Brake pad and alignment issues after only 5 months - any rights?

    Hi all. My 2010 CLS 350 Grand is in for its Service D today. It's 5 months and around 4,500 since I bought it. They've called to say that the front alignment is out and the rear pads are 80% worn. I'm not surprised they didn't offer to fix either of these things under the 12 month approved...
  4. jamesfuller

    Electrical goods/consumer rights type question.

    Three weeks ago we went to a well known chain of electrical shops looking for a laptop for SWMBO. We found one we where happy with and went for it. Its not been great to be honest, a few technical issues and also it keeps losing the wifi network. (no problem with any other of our 5 devices...
  5. J

    CLS 350 - Problems Soon After Purchase - Reassurance Needed!

    Evening all. I'm in York and recently (10 days ago) bought a 2010 CLS 350 Grand with 50,000 on the clock. Bought from a Mercedes dealership (not in York) with the usual one year breakdown and warranty (just as well). Unfortunately I've hardly driven it as it was towed following a power steering...
  6. S

    Car Rejection Rights... This might help.

    New car rights: Can I reject my car? | Carbuyer Car makers have been keeping quiet about this for obvious reason. Long and short of it is new consumer laws have passed that make it far easier for buyers to get refunds, in the case of new cars if there is a mechanical fault within 3 months...
  7. B

    Consumer Rights Act 2015- your rights to reject a car

    New Consumer Rights Act gives car buyers ?right to reject? | Motoring News | Honest John Consumer Rights Act 2015 The Consumer Rights Act 2015 covers all goods but is of particular interest to car buyers, given the significant cost of purchasing a car and the subsequent impact if things go...
  8. RobertoMercini

    Rights under 1975 consumer credit act

    I've got to be honest and say I've learnt a lot more on perusing these forums about general useful stuff than cars however I've a little story to tell in case it rings any bells to anyone. A few weeks ago I took the wife to buy a 2nd hand car as hers was on the way out and she needs it for uni...
  9. G

    My rights buying used from a dealer

    I purchased a W221 from a dealer and since the very first day the car had problems so I gave it back. The dealer got the issue fixed but another issue prevailed so it's back to the dealer in just over a month. If the problem returns can I give the car back and get my money off him? I...
  10. I

    PM rights

    Hi, Could some one direct me to how I can get my PM rights activated. There is an item in the for sale section that I am interested in and I can't post on the section or PM the seller. Any help appreciated. Steve
  11. Palfrem

    Human rights breached? Anyone care?

    BBC News - Killers' life terms 'breach their human rights'
  12. DSM10000

    A consumer rights question

    My Samsung mobile telephone has developed a fault. I am getting repeated messages that "charging is suspended, voltage too high" when it is not plugged in. It is also draining the battery rapidly as well as not connecting via the usb port. My service provider. (Orange) have refused to replace...
  13. 2

    bought from a dealer , what rights do i have ?

    i bought my car recently from a dealer and in that time i have had to replace all tyres , a track rod end and a door lock mechanism .it had a 3 month warranty but the track rod end and a door lock mechanism were not covered and today olly found oil in the wiring loom which will need new cam...
  14. jonnyboy

    fraud/deception/impersonation - your rights?

    Hi all Sketchy details so far but a contact from a different area of my life has just started receiving credit invoices for supplies/services he hasn't ordered. It looks like someone has been posing as him, signwritten their van up and been working as him (in a different area), getting...
  15. brucemillar

    What are my legal rights

    Hi I bought a C55 estate last November. The car is having problem after problem which is costing me a fortune. The dealer did offer to pay half of one claim which was to sort out damage to the car caused by an undisclosed (declared accident to the rear). I accepted that offer. I have also...
  16. bigjim

    Employment Relocation Rights

    My Wife's company is relocating. She already commutes 60minutes to get to their current offices. The move would double her journey time. There are obviously several different options for her to consider, including getting a different job. In her negotiations with HR she has cited a 4 hour...
  17. Merco

    Stand up for your rights!

    As the great Bob Marley said - 'Get up, stand up' or in this case - get in, sit in. Good on you mate! :thumb: BBC News - Wheel clamp stand-off over £4,000 fine lasts 30 hours
  18. flango

    Purchasing a Used Car Rights & Warranties for the seller.

    Ok heres a scenario that I would welcome some views on from traders and anyone that might have experienced this. We are about to sell some cars through our business, the cars have currently been used by family members spouses etc but are registered to the business a limited company. So to keep...
  19. ShinyF1

    Employment rights

    Hi all - advice needed Just been greeted today with the ominous 'bad news' conversation at work. Started a new job on 17 February with a 3 month probationary period which ended on Monday. Employer not organised enough to have had 'Probation Review' meeting in time, so it was today where the...
  20. Satch

    Soldier fights for housing rights

    On Radio 5 live BBC - BBC Radio 5 live Programmes - Victoria Derbyshire, 30/04/2010 There were parts of this where I just wanted to break things, particularly those who have managed to create this state of affairs and done nothing about it for years
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