1. BIRMA

    Has Helen killed Rob Titchner

    I think she's been pushed to the limit and put us all out of our misery.
  2. Tim203

    Adrian Flux ( rob dog) insurance.

    I know this has been on a previous thread but can't work the search thing. My camper's been insured for two months( total cost paying on the drip £240) and they want £142 to cancel the policy. They can't freeze the insurance and 6 months was never an option. Must be such hard work to cancel a...
  3. BaldGuy

    My sincere thanks to Comand Europe.. Mark, Richard and Rob

    I picked up my 911 today from Comand Europe after the install of an Alpine INA - W910R and a JL Audio 700 watt 5 channel Amp. This replaced the standard Porsche PCM (comand) and Becker Amp, we were not sure if the factory speakers would be up to it, but they handle everything so well and both...
  4. loveday

    Is it illegal to rob someone in Australia????

    Is it illegal to rob someone in Australia if so this car dealer will be going to jail. Take a look at Ebay item number 320725503908 this is advertising a 2010 17 month old C63 AMG with 23,000 kilometres’ for a staggering £93,036.94 YES YOU READ IT RIGHT £93,036.94!!!!!!! :eek: I think we...
  5. robert.saunders

    revised job/revised salary/many questions make Rob a confused boy

    With reference to an old thread I posted on here, there have been substantial changes concerning my employment. After my re-grading as mentioned, I subsequently changed roles again, through a departmental restructure – this alongside voluntary & compulsory redundancies elsewhere throughout...
  6. A

    happy birthday Rob Falmer & Donv

    happy birthday guys strange thing, tonight, Rob, Annie asked if I'd heard from you recently :) So have a good day and we'll see you sometime soon Andy
  7. A

    happy birthday Rob Farmer

    another year older eh? have a good one Andy and annie
  8. Koolvin

    Welcome to Rob Dardis 400th member!

    Welcome to Rob Dardis our 400th member of our community! :bannana:
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