1. J

    SLK roof will not close

    Hi, My roof will not close. The switch does not light up red. The micro switch on the boot cover seems ok and I have tested the relay. Is there a fuse somewhere? Any suggestions greatly appreciated.:wallbash:
  2. L

    CLK 320 Cabriolet roof issue

    I was wondering if anyone can point me in the right direction. I have just bought a 2004 CLK 320 cabriolet and the roof was fine but now the roof won't fully open. It looks like the hooks that keep the top fixed to the wind screen are not opening. Can i ask what these are called? The rest of the...
  3. masqueraid

    W211 Roof Strip

    The offside roof strip (the one that runs front-to-back wit the points for attaching a roof rack) has suddenly decided to lift at the back of the E220. It looks for all the world as if some kind of clip has failed but I can see anything broken. It just obstinately refuses to go back down and...
  4. tmwsccsh

    1995 SL500 Roof Won't Open - Some Lights Though...

    Afternoon all. Went to put the roof down today as it is a bit sunny (for once of late!) and nothing happened - there's no activity whatsoever, not even a whirring from the pump in the boot. For the past few weeks the roof light has been glowing when the roof is up (as per the photo below)...
  5. F

    Panoramic Roof closing half way & sunvisor closing full way

    Hi all.. I have incurred a problem today where my panoramic roof on the C250 only closes to half way and not completely but with it closing half way if I were to push the button to close again the sun visor (mesh) underneath starts coming out and closes the full way. It's as if the sensor...
  6. J

    Roof down

    We have just bought a slk 2000 and are looking forward to some trips to Europe next year. We are currently in France touring on our motorcycle and I have become a bit obsessive about how few cars I have seen "roof down" . The weather is not bad but there seems a general reluctance for people...
  7. guydewdney

    w124 estate roof bars. genuine. might fit others?

    Dont fit the 211 like the advert said:fail were new, been rattling in my boot for a week or two. genuine. Black. Really solid, and pity they dont fit ad they look strong. sensible offer please
  8. Jim55

    Carbon wrap on roof

    On a 220 cdi saloon , what's a fair price for this in 3m 3d carbon?Iv just been to a place and he is quoting me 120 which I thi k is very cheap ( I'm in Glasgow,,) he said he would remove Ariel on roof ,fit wrap and refit, seems a very cheap price for what looks like quite a lot of stripping to...
  9. RyanTheSeaOtter

    My wife and her SLK230 Electric Roof issues...or not in actual fact

    Just wanted to share the phone call I just had with the wife to the world... She collected her SLK yesterday (I sold it to her) from my garage and on leaving me it had absolutely no issues whatsoever... Katherine just calls me in a stress moaning that the electric roof wouldn't go...
  10. U

    Premium Plus/Panoramic Roof Delays??

    Hi there I ordered a new c class hybrid estate about 6 weeks ago and keep getting told by my dealer that there is no availability on the premium plus/panoramic roof as they have run out of roofs at the factory? Sounds very odd to me. Does anyone know if this is the case or had any...
  11. vauer6

    cls w219 roof doom light?

    Hi.Maybe stupid question but i cant find anything about it. Its about rear doom light roof panel.In my one something is broken and one part of it keeps poping out.But most interesting is thing when its out you can see there small motor with gear and part which ius popping out has got gear as...
  12. merc85

    s211 Roof bars??

    As above, whats the best stuff to clean these with? is there a way of getting a shiney finish? mine always look dull :confused:
  13. W4E300

    Viano roof bars...removal.

    Hi All, Does anyone know if the roof bars on a Viano can be temporarily removed? The Eurotunnel has a height restriction of 1850mm and the Merc manual says the Viano is 1875......(!) Cheers, Sent from my iPad using MBClub UK
  14. A

    W202 C Class Saloon roof bars

    Pair of genuine Mercedes W202 C Class Saloon roof bars advertised on EBay reserve £75 buy it now £100
  15. M

    CLK W208 convertible roof motor

    Hi All, I am new to this forum stuff so i apologise if this question has been asked and answered previously. My CLK has had a roof pump problem for some time now and I am hoping that someone may have had similar issues. Basically the roof pump burnt out and so I replaced it and that one...
  16. R

    W208 Roof stopped working

    Dear all I have a 99 CLK convertible. The roof has suddenly stopped working. What is the best way to diagnose what is wrong? When it stopped working it was in the open position and would not release the flap to allow the roof to close so was luckily "locked" in the open position. Also the...
  17. Reggie-rock

    Convertible roof up with air con or down and get hot?

    Thought the whole point of having a convertible is enjoying the roof down in fine weather. But in this heat found it more comfortable in having the roof up with the air con on full. All the other convertibles I have seen around in the last day or so have the roof down, or is it those cars just...
  18. K

    CLK C209 Genuine Mercedes Roof Bars

    I have recently changed my CLK for an E class so these are now surplus to requirements. They are Aluminium aero bars, part number B6 685 0265, complete with 2no. locking keys and 2no. allen keys. £75 buyer collects or will post at cost. Location, between Northampton and Newport Pagnell.
  19. P

    How best to clean the interior roof?

    I picked up my MB yesterday and already wanting to clean it myself. I have enough materials and liquids to deal with the outside, struggling to know what's best for the interior - particularly the soft white roof and window pillars. What solution would you recommend for this and how best to...
  20. T

    manual override roof

    Hello, Cant seem to find anything about pulling roof up manually if something goes wrong? Slk r171
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