1. L

    Rotary Polishing

    Received the triple pack of Menzerna polishes and the pads I ordered today Menzerna 250ml Polish Sample Kit - Elite Car Care and decided to hit the car with the rotary. Bloody brilliant stuff, only used the two of the polishes so far on the bonnet, roof and boot lid, but the results are...
  2. elisetype25

    Rotary polish - not the Merc, the other one

    Decided to have a go with the rotary. Having worked well on some light scratches on the Mercedes, I decided to have a try on the other car... Regards, Neil
  3. Philbask

    Paint defects, rotary polisher???

    Hi, generally the car is in reasonable order, however there as many blemishes on the paintwork. When cleaned and waxed it looks god but not for long! I have attached some photos (sorry for the quality!) but you may be able to see what I mean, can this be polished out with a rotary polisher? Been...
  4. Nik_Endeavour

    So I didn't buy an ML after all

    After posting here about getting an ML I went about to check a few out and spoke to a car dealer friend of mine whom had 2000 in stock. I didn't end up buying it but I didn't feel like leaving empty handed as I spoted a very black RX-8 for £2900. The icing on the cake was that he said I could...
  5. HotJambalaya

    Thoughts on rotary polishers?

    Just found one I bought from Halfords years ago, still boxed etc, was wondering what to do, use it or lose it?
  6. Pitts Pilot

    "How to" Rotary Machine polisher video

    I found this helpful video on how to use a rotary polisher safely, rather than a beginners Dual Action polisher. If you can live with the American accent of the commentator, it's actually very informative for wanna-be rotatry machine polishers. Scroll down the page to find the Meguiars...
  7. nigel cross

    Rotary lawnmower

    Need to buy a new lawnmower. Rotary, powered drive with a rear roller for strips. Any recommendations?
  8. T

    COMMAND rotary control W203

    Hi, the rubber cover on the rotary knob has split and is peeling off. Does any one know if this knob can be replaced separately and is it difficult to replace? Many thanks
  9. shah

    Installing Rotary Commander

    hi guys, anybody know how to install Rotary Commander at my steering ? Thank you..
  10. C

    rotary idle actuator

    hi all i have a 1991 300e that stalls when i stop at junctions etc it only happens when the engine is up to temperature it idles at about 750 rpm in park but drops down to 500 rpm when in gear i removed the idle actuator and found that the valve does not fully shut is this correct...
  11. A

    rotary buffer/polisher

    for those who live near to an Aldi store - this week they have 240mm rotary polishers in their "bargain bins" Mains powered with a max rpm of 3000 they will make light work of polishing Price including 2 pads = £12.99 and an additional pack of pads (3 fine 3 fluffy) costs £6 Andy
  12. M

    Rotary heater contol bulbs

    How do i change the bulb behind the rotary heater controls? radio out and centre facia off.. but how to open the unit that holds the rotary heater controls i take it the bulbs are in there ?
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