1. Peter Michaels

    Black rubber pipe hanging loose under body

    Hello i noticed to day a finger-thick black rubber pipe hanging down underneath the body, just next to the left of the right rear wheel. I haven't noticed this before, the pipe is about 1/4 of an inch thick and hangs down maybe 6 inches. But i cant see where it connects. I hope its nothing...
  2. M

    W203 strut bearing rubber 'nubs' direction

    Hi All, Can anyone advise what direction the fat and thin 'nubs' on the strut mount should be? I recently changed both front shocks and fitted the strut bearings back as was. Currently trying to track down why the front driver side wheel has a clunk and feels like it its bobbing up and...
  3. S

    Has anyone found the right grease for Slider pins with rubber bushes?

    Most seem to be "fake" silicone as the carrier is mineral oil based!! So no good for Brake Calliper Slider or Guide pin's rubber bushes. Or others have a Lithium base .... which some say is mineral oil based with added Lithium to make it more slippery. Ideally something that is sold in sub...
  4. N

    E Class Rubber Boot Tray

    Hi, I have a rubber boot tray for an e class that I used up until I gave the car as a part ex. Great way to protect the carpet lining. Has been lying in the garage for a while now. £55 plus collection from Leicester or buyer can arrange the delivery (due to the size of the item) Will upload a...
  5. M

    C63 Edition 507 Forged 19" OEM wheels with R888R rubber

    Thought I'd add here too, listed them on Ebay: Mercedes Benz MB C63 AMG Edition 507 Forged wheels 19 inch with R888R tyres | eBay They're in fantastic condition and only for sale as I'm selling the 507 with the BC wheels it has fitted currently. Collection from Effingham Surrey preferred.
  6. benlucas

    E55 n/s/f door rubber seal

    Hi - mine has a couple of small chinks missing at the top (almost as if something's been eating it) so I thought I'd try and source a used replacement from a certain well-known auction site. Sent VIN/reg to seller who said it 'should fit without problem' so I bought it. Arrived today but...
  7. J

    B Class rubber mats with footrest protection?

    Anyone know of any rubber mats for my 2016 B200D auto that include a bit that covers the carpeted driver's left footrest? Many of the stock pics of mats show a small extension for the footrest, but it seems that the MB official mats don't have one. So far I haven't found any aftermarket ones...
  8. Dave.tam

    Suggested new rubber for A250?

    Hope you guys here can offer an insight! I have no idea about tyre choices, but I know that I don't want to put another set of sport contacts on our A250. They're out of life already and we've only done 4K miles! The car isn't driven hard either. Can someone suggest a decent tyre for me at...
  9. Myclk55amg

    Stop moss collecting on rubber trim

    Hi guys was just wondering if any of you guys could help me? Is there anything I can put on the rubber seals to stop moss from collecting?. With it being a second it's parked on my drive most of the time, the problem is the driveway doesn't getsunlight on it at all so it collects in no time! And...
  10. Druk

    Burnt rubber smell.

    No jokes about excess friction please :p (this means you Paul) So, on exiting the car (S212) there is a distinct smell of burning rubber from the rear O/S tyre area. Doesn't seem to matter if I've driven 10 miles or 100. Been under and over everything and can find nothing hot or rubbing...
  11. A

    New rubber

    Hi all after Christmas I will need new tyres al round On my c250 sport sizes are 225/45/17 on front And 245/40/17 on rear just asking you guys any advise Cheers andy
  12. R

    Time for new rear rubber - Continental Sport Contact 5 or 6?

    Evening all i know this has been done a few times as the found on the search features but I'm looking for more up to date answers and to see what you guys have decided on out of the two choices. my local and regular tyre shop can get both at the same price, so its basically down to personal...
  13. A

    0.4mm rubber left

    Hi had my cars B Service done today and all went ok apart from my fronts, both of them will need changing shortly as I've only .4mm of tread depth left:eek: I'll have to change my lead boots for my fluffy slippers when I drive, only had car 10 months :p At least it's even wear across the...
  14. MWCLS

    OEM MERCEDES heavy duty rubber over mats with fixings.

    Very little use, genuine parts. £90.00 Inc vat from Mercedes. There fit C219 and w211 s211. 2002 - 2011 £40.00 Michael 07912 284996 again collection preferred due to weight. IG Essex area .These were manufactured in 2006 so not the filmsy ones being sold now. On Ebay 322241386095
  15. PaulPJ

    Oblong Rubber Bung on Centre Airvents

    Hi Chaps, difficult one to describe but at the top of the centre air vents on a 2007 w204 there are 2 small oblong shaped rubber bits/bungs that the radio cover sit on when shut. I have had one missing since I bought the car. I can get one off eBay but I have to buy the entire centre air vent...
  16. Rosso1

    Rubber care

    Hi Guys can anyone recommend a good rubber care product to revitalise the rubber. I like to add this to by boot and roof rubbers on my SL
  17. Ray1888

    E350 coupe rubber mats 2076805748/9G32

    Hi looking for rubber mats,got above part number,anybody Able to confirm this? Local Mercedes stealer unable to say if their rubber mats??? Cheers
  18. F

    Smell of hot rubber

    << that car. Nearside rear wheel area smells of rubber after a short run and parked up. It is not always there, just around every other trip. Tyre and brake disc appear to be cool, nothing touching tyre. Parking brake works just fine, though does seem to not 'always' release on first...
  19. D

    E350 rubber smell and high revs

    hi had my E350 2010 for two months and when i bought it the service indicator read A7 service. i called a local MB dealer and asked what was carried out on this service., normal stuff plus transmission oil change. the dealer i bought it off said they will be caryring out the service and i did...
  20. B

    w211 all weather mats

    The US dealers offer all-weather rubber OEM mats that were pretty good. I had a set on my 2009 C300. And they were available for the w211 as well. But, I've not seen a set for RHD cars. Were they ever offered? Thx! Byas
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