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  1. D

    Comand s/w update (not maps disc!)

    I bought the (genuine, expensive!) V17 maps disc for my W211 with NTG1 Comand. I followed the instructions inside and I now have updated maps, POIs etc. so the local roads almost align with real-life now! Thing is, I am still on an old Firmware version. SW Ver. HU: 51/2003...
  2. P

    XL collapsible/folding dog crate (S/W Wales area)

    I have an extra large collapsible dog crate suitable for Giant Breeds (or the wife). Only 2 months old and very little use. Perfect condition. Cost £100 squids few months ago, looking for £30. It is large and heavy so pickup is desirable. Can deliver locally for a small charge.
  3. U

    COMAND s/w versions

    We've a '05 SLK350 and a '04 SL65 Each could do with bringing the COMAND unit up to date. All that I've read suggests that it will be the same version of the unit in both cars but they seem to be responding differently to my efforts. The SLK has a NAV dvd APS vers 4.0 ( A211 827 67 59...
  4. Alfie

    iphone 4 / 4S S/W updates

    I have had a number of calls recently about iphone 4 phone cradles. It seems that many dealers are telling customers that these cannot be upgraded to work with the iphone 4S and that they need to buy a new cradle:shock: THIS IS WRONG The iphone 4 cradle can be flashed with new firmware to...
  5. sinewave

    S/W 211 7sp Oil replacement

    Went in to my local Auto Gearbox specialist last week for a price on changing the oil in my S211. They, like Merc dealers only change the gearbox oil and not the T/C unit due to the non-existent drain plug! :mad: Obviously I'd like a proper job doing as per Ollies (Black CLK's) 'How To'...
  6. M

    Spring has sprung!! (S/W switch)

    Hi all, my S/W switch on the auto gear selector panel was sticking in W so I stripped it to free it off. Olivier did mention to me that the little internal spring could be a pain to put back... he was right :doh: It sprung when I was clipping the switch back in and disappeared into the bottom of...
  7. Alfie

    New Version 11 navigation S/W released

    The new version of the DVD navigation S/W for W219 (CLS) , W211 (E), R230 (SL), W215 (CL) and W220 S class is now available. You heard it here on this forum first! UK dealers dont even know its out yet! For those who are unsure, this is the navigation S/W for those cars with the separate DVD...
  8. C

    S/W switch

    After seeing some old posts re this I thought I'd check my '98 E300Td. I've had it 6mths & was slightly disappointed with performance from standstill. Sure enough the box was permanently in W mode. After taking off the trim I was able to prise the switch out of it's housing, careful there's a...
  9. Dieselman

    Sorting S/W switch problems

    After there being a few threads relating to S/W switches being stuck in W I decided to play with mine. After rocking the switch several times and feeling the box change ratios it then decided to stick in W mode. Knowing there is a little plunger and then a switch I decided to have a look...
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