1. P

    19 inch space savers. Are they all the same?

    19 inch space savers. Are they all exacty the same? Same stud pattern and bore size etc. I would like to get a set banded and fitted to my W202. Are they all the same no matter what car or van they are from? Thanks
  2. MancMike

    C63 on 4 Space Savers - Chris Harris

    Stumbled upon this, it's from 2012, so may have been posted before. Don't shoot me if it has. They put it on 4 space savers. :D HPh90yNX-mY
  3. developer

    If Carling Made Space Savers...

    Pretty smart huh? :thumb:
  4. nick mercedes

    eu helps itself to savers money

    10% of savers money to be taken off them in raid: Cyprus: panic as savings levy is imposed | World news | Daylight robbery or a much needed boost to banks?
  5. P

    Space Savers maximum mileage

    To cut a long story short, my car was keyed late last night and they also took my valve so the tyre was deflated. I drove around 2 miles with it and got home. I asked the dealer what to do the next morning and they said ring MB breakdown which i did, guy came out, took the tyre off and said it...
  6. dokalj

    C63 amg on space savers

    PistonHeads Headlines - Chris Harris video: C63 AMG on space savers many C63 owners will try this??? dokalj
  7. J

    ecu mods,fuel savers

    i keep reading that these plug in gadgets will improve torque and fuel economy,and magnets on your fuel line also improves mpg.has anyone tried it,does it work ?cheers for any reply,s j j
  8. Guy

    Life savers? Revenue raisers?

    I have no argument with speed cameras. IMHO they should be at all accident blackspots, with prominent warnings. If a camera saves a life, or prevents an accident its justified. But I´ve never understood how a life is saved just by taking a photograph of a passing car on an empty road, then...
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