1. O

    unable to change scale on the Navi maps

    C class estate 08 plate we are unable to change the scale on any map,we have followed all the instructions, but rotating the control knob does nothing. If we upgrade do you think it will correct the issue. many thanks
  2. H

    1:18 Diecast Scale Models - Mercedes and others

    I'm having a bit of a downsize and am listing a number of my 1:18 Mercedes, and other marques, on ebay. Have a look at these if you're a collector or owner: 300SL Mercedes 300 SL 1:18 | eBay CLK DTM Mercedes AMG CLK DTM Warsteiner 1:18 | eBay 300SLR MM Mercedes 300 SLR MM 1:18 | eBay 190SL...
  3. ioweddie

    Scale Model Mercedes 280 Convertible

    Hi I'm selling a 1:18 Scale Mercedes 280 Convertible on ebay along with loads of other model cars. Just in case anyone is interested. 1:18 Scale Mercedes 280SE Convertible Flawed 27cm long Diecast Model Car Loose | eBay
  4. A

    My favourite 1/18 scale Car

    These are some shots of my best de-cast car I own, all my other 9 are rally cars from 60s to 2000s Only got 10 cars in total, mostly rally but love the old lemans cars, im after a GT40 in the gulf colours and also the Birdcage as well, these would finish my lemans collection off nicely, plus...
  5. ioweddie

    I'm selling a 1:43 scale w124 E Class 220 model car by Minichamps

    Pauls Model Art Minichamps Please have a look at this and my other items as lots of model cars for sale Cut and paste this number into ebay search: 301811097355
  6. C240Sport97

    scale model Ferrari surprised that I have never seen this before. Italian artisans :)
  7. stwat

    Chernobyl forest fires may result in large scale re-release of radiation

    Blimey :eek:
  8. developer

    Do You Struggle With The Concept Of Economies Of Scale?

    I think this may help :eek:.
  9. ioweddie

    Wanted 1:43 scale model car mirrors

    Hi all, does anyone know where I can get several sets of the tiny wing mirrors as supplied with Vanguards collectable model cars, I have just bought a job lot but a few of them are unfortunately missing the mirrors. They usually come on a sprue. Thanks Eddie
  10. ioweddie

    I'm Selling some 1:18 Scale Diecast Model Cars

    Hi All, I'm selling some of my model car collection on ebay, here's the link to one of them, please view my other items to see more. 1:18 diecast Model 1961 E Type Jaguar | eBay Eddie
  11. Stratman

    This will send your OCD-o-meter off the scale

    19 things, not 10, 15 or 20, that will make your skin crawl if you are in any way OCD ish :devil: I'm taken by the concept of 'leftover time' in the microwave example. What to do with it :dk:
  12. B

    How's this for scale models

    Mercedes C C63 AMG W204 Umbau Tuning 1 18 KL echt Alufelgen Artikel im kl-modelltuning Shop bei eBay! The attention to detail is remarkable! Check out the C63 AMG and BMW E30 M3 engine bay - fuse box and all.
  13. trando

    C63 AMG 1/43rd scale

    Look what my wife found! I've been hunting for one of these for ages and she beat me to it! Almost the exact relica of mine....
  14. L

    W211 Speedo Scale Replacement - possible?

    New member here with an '03 E220 CDI in the states. Thanks to everyone for the warm welcome over in the new members forum. Of course, I come with baggage, doesn't everyone? My car was originally delivered in Belgium and so my analog speedo scale is in kmh. Digital speedo works fine reading...
  15. B

    W212 E220 Dashboard economy meter - Wrong Scale

    I have new E class W212 E220 which is great BTW, but very small niggle. The economy graph in the dash only shows from 0 to 40 mpg, and surely Mercedes would expect a Blue Efficiency car to be able to excede 40 mpg. So why not show 0 to 50 mpg? On a recent fast journey on mainly motorways it...
  16. bennesspipers

    Model of MB 220s fintail 1/87 scale

    On E-Bay is a model of a Fintail 220s 1/87 scale (about matchbox size) new, buy it now £6.99 +p&p, item number 190361577006, made by Wiking (Germany)
  17. The Boss

    1:18 scale model mercedes (die cast)

    hello where is the best place to find 1:18 scale models of mercedes cars in metal die cast. i am looking for a w124 cabrio in green/mushroom, grey s class amg, black slk, silver e class saloon, and some 123's?? any ideas
  18. WDB124066

    Mercedes-Benz 500K Cabriolet Huge 6th Scale!!

    Mercedes-Benz 500K Cabriolet Huge 6th scale!! for sale - - New Zealand
  19. lynall

    D2 AMG Mercedes CLK 1.18 scale

    One merc CLK box good condition slight scuffing on the edges, model immaculate as new, nicelt detailed. £12 delivered uk Amazing whats in the loft:D Or collect Maidstone, save me wrapping it. Lynall
  20. Mudster

    1:18 Scale 500SEC I really like this, its an Autoart model and has a nice level of detail, I'm not...
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