1. Dieselman

    Fun on scooters.

    Those with a politically correct persuasion, look away now... vu598EhI7LU
  2. ioweddie

    Scooters Lots and lots here on the IOW this weekend

    Around 6000 scooters coming to the Isle of Wight this bank holiday weekend, had a drive around Ryde seafront today and hundreds already here, makes a great spectacle, sounds like a swarm of bees though!
  3. H

    Mobility scooters

    I wondered whether anyone else has nearly[accidentally] killed a granny on a mobility scooter? Driving to work this morning, an old dear shot through a give way(she was on the road not pavement), didn't even look in either direction, then crossed both lanes of traffic. While I momentarily...
  4. C

    Classic Vespa Scooters - anyone know about them?

    Ive had an itch for a while now to buy a scooter to use for short trips to local shops, and maybe even for the odd summer jaunt or scooter rally. Ive seen the following on Ebay (LINK), and whilst it looks the part, I havent a clue what to look for. So, I wondered if any of you gents had/have...
  5. NormanB

    OT: Motor Scooters - Medium/Large - Advice

    Hi I am aware some of the forum are bikers too, so seeking advice. First - are there any good forums (like this) for the two wheel community? In mid life crisis I have decided I want to get on two wheels but still want a bit of comfort so think one of these rather posh new scooters...
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