1. V

    CLK 350 ( Think Its Scrap!)

    My new purchased 55 plate CLK, drives ok but noticed no CEL, so took for plug in check today. Lots of codes, some serious, the mechanic said he was surprised it even ran, and was not worth repairing. Hear we go 1/0060 incorrect exhaust cam adjustment 2/0527 intake manifold flaps/tumble...
  2. grober

    Citroen to scrap their HydroPneumaticSuspension

    For all forum members who are fans of the Citroen's HydroPneumatic Suspension system it would appear its days are numbered!. Available on the top spec C5 saloon models at present production is due to cease in the PSA plant in Caen in Normandy. Maybe time to stock up on spares...
  3. nick mercedes

    government pays owners to scrap W123s

    Morocco encouraging taxi drivers to scrap Mercedes w123s | Ran When Parked Should they do the same here?
  4. A

    Sell for spares or Scrap it

    1999 w210 e280 elegance - looks like our old girl has bit the dust due to gearbox failure - its been a really good car in the two and a half years we've had her This is the first time its let us down and it looks like terminal gearbox and decided its prob going to cost more than the car is...
  5. R

    W124 260e auto, scrap or save?

    Hi, new member looking for a bit of advice about a car I have the chance of buying. Bit of an odd story, but the car has be owned from new by a bloke who lives down the street. He developed Parkinson's about nine years ago, and it finally took his life Christmas Day. Now, as it all comes out...
  6. D

    Scrap ABC strut for 230 SL500

    Hi looking for a cheap knackered unit! Just want to try and see if the bottom ball joint can be replaced with something stock (as mercedes must have done when they built them). My pair are off to be refurbished with the ball joints resealed in plastic and I don't want to end up with an...
  7. LTD

    When do you decide to scrap a car because of a bill ?

    Thinking about the Rover 75 thread .... When do YOU decide that a car is no longer worth repairing ? What do you do next ? Buy a car you don't know and then set about fixing all of it's problems ? Then wait for a big bill ? Is owning an older car a labour of love that means you do what...
  8. smillion

    SLR steel art scrap metal sculpture

    Not cheap but the hours that must have gone into this .... Mercedes 300 SLR Steel Art Productions Scrap metal Sculpture Life Size | eBay Marc
  9. smeeeee

    To scrap or not to scrap! W124 300d

    Hi all, Thanks to everyone's wonderful posts and advice (just by lurking) I got myself an 02 w210 estate 320cdi this weekend, which feels pretty special and (fingers crossed) in good nick (fmbsh).:bannana: My old 300d w124 estate became a bit too knackered looking and generally rusty all...
  10. B

    need advice newbi. W124 to scrap maybe!?

    please help. I have w124 k reg. Its been off road for 6 months. I cant afford to get back on road. Last week, a part was sold on the car, math sensor and throttle seeing as its not been used for months. Should i scrap it? Its imac inside n i have 2 spare wings which i was to add on but never got...
  11. B

    Need Advice! Time to Scrap my W124?

    Hello all :) First post here, though I joined in 2007 :o Would like to know what you think about my dilemma. Beloved 1990 230e went for MOT and garage have recommended scrapping! :eek: Apparently the back end is very rusty underneath and garage won't even give a quote as he says that there...
  12. Spinal

    Scrap Iron?

    I'm spending the holidays redoing the bathroom... One of the things I need to throw out is the cast iron bath tub... problem is, being made of cast iron, it's insanely heavy. Along with 3 other friends, we managed to move it out... problem is, now I don't know what to do with it. I've...
  13. Satch

    Cashless Scrap Metal Trade Petition

    One of the few ePetitions worth a damn and whilst it might not stop it wholly, certainly going to put a crimp in the pernicious trade. "Due to a significant rise in value, metal has become a much sought after commodity. This increased demand has resulted in a sharp rise in metal theft...
  14. W

    E320 CDI Estate - High Mileage - buy???

    Hi, I'm seriously considering an E320 CDI Estate, but it's got high mileage. The price makes up for it. I'm buying it to tow my caravan and the intention is to go into and across Europe. It's been a company vehicle and has been serviced regularly and had a recent service - I'm told. He also...
  15. Beetnik

    So what's the scrap value of white goods?

    I ask because a couple of months ago I left an old freezer on my drive and it disappeared after a couple of days and before I'd rung the council to ask them to collect it. Tonight it was the turn of a dishwasher which was there for an hour before two blokes pulled up outside and kindly...
  16. trapperjohn

    Quality Service from a Scrap Yard.

    So I needed some bits for one of my 124s and thought I would give Hill's a try down in Skem. Hey what a pleasant change. Yes we have them in. He is a reference number pop down when you like. So I popped down. Plenty of easy tarmac parking. Nice bright reception (fully of alloys with tyres...
  17. Blackman

    London Scrap Yards?

    Anyone knows any good scrap yards around London, particularly West? I know the one in Alperton, just after Hanger Lane roundabout, which isn't too bad...but I thought you might know more?
  18. Satch

    Government to scrap M4 bus lane

    Good God above. Common sense at last. It will be put into use again as an Olympic Access Route but after that the abomination goes. BBC News - Government to scrap M4 bus lane
  19. S

    Water getting into oil, Again! Should I scrap this W124 E300d?

    Hi all the continuing saga relating to my w124 e300d continues. Replaced head gasket 5k miles ago, also checked oil cooler all seemed ok at the time but now I again seem to be getting a rise in my oil level, seemingly due to coolant migration. Is there anything else left to check? In a desperate...
  20. bigjim

    Scrap car prices

    Roughly, does anyone know or would anyone like to hazard a guess, how much money do the scrappies make out of an old car? Just curious. :D I have just scrapped my W124 1990 300TD which was collected and scrapped. I got £150. :cool: Cheers Jim
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