1. Darrell

    Tis the season...

    I love the run-up to Christmas, especially the parties and drink-ups. Mine kick off tonight with a few beers in Jamie's wine bar in the city (of London). Last year we ended up at Spearmint Rhinos so let's keep our fingers crossed. What is everybody else up to?
  2. D

    Conclusion of the F1 season. (Result enclosed)

    Great to see Nico finally pick up his first F1 drivers championship. :thumb: I think he's more than deserved it. Great exiting final 10 laps. Irrelivant if Lewis was right or wrong. It's down to opinion but it gave the neutral fan more excitement at the end. Shame JB failed to finish...
  3. Fudger

    E63 AMG Winter/All season tyres

    Folks, my summer tyres are down to 2.5mm and I was considering, bearing in mind the time of year, whether to fit all season/winter tyres rather than a new set of summer tyres. I live in the south (Woking) where we get very little snow but I do some travel in Normandy (Northern France) where...
  4. HughJarse

    All Season Tyre Help

    Ive searched... but to no avail. has anyone found an All Season tyre for 255 35 R18 please? I cant find find a one... am I missing something here??
  5. Paul-NI

    Pirelli P Zero + All Season

    Has anyone any experience of these? seem to come in the awkward 245/40/17 size :) Thanks Paul.
  6. P

    Country lanes: summer vs all season

    Recently moved into the countryside and need to change the front 2 tyres. Which group of tyres is best for country lanes? Can get muddy with cars cutting into the verges when it's a tight squeeze with 2 cars passing each other. Most of my driving is on these type of roads plus single laned A...
  7. BillyW124

    End of season Stars & Cars 2015 to be staged in Mercedes-Benz Arena Stuttgart for the

    Does anyone know if this is a ticket event?? I'm planning on visiting..:thumb:
  8. W

    Who sells 255 45 17 all season tyres?

    Does anyone know where I can get all season tyres in either 255 45 17 Or 245 45 17 All I can find so far is Goodyear eagle LS I looked up umpteen of the black circles / camskill etc but no joy. Many thanks.
  9. T

    C209 Alloys and Winter/All Season tyres (4)

    Guys, Ive sold my CLK, but the trade in didn't include my 'winter wheels', so they are now to be found at Mecredes C209 16" Alloy wheels (4) with Winter/All Season tyres | eBay For sale the original 16” staggered alloys from my 2003 Mercedes CLK 270 CDi. As they are 2003 they have that...
  10. grober

    Supercar Season

    BBC Two - Victoria Derbyshire, 19/08/2015, 'Supercar season' hits central London
  11. grober

    Longmire Season 3

    For those like their lawmen taciturn and driving a big pickup truck against a endless sky backdrop might like to watch season 3 of Longmire which aired on 5 USA last night. Last chance since the series was cancelled at the end of this set of episodes. Season 4 has been picked up by Netflix so...
  12. Bobby Dazzler

    Top Gear season preview live tonight at 2100

    On the red button and on the interweb Watch An Evening With Top Gear tonight! - BBC Top Gear Love it, hate it, or guilty secret, it's probably one of the better things to watch at 2100 tonight :D
  13. B

    Season's Greetings! (New Member, Cheshire)

    Hi folks, I've just taken the plunge for a W212 E350 CDi BluEfficiency Avantgarde from an MB main dealer. I'm made up with the deal and am confident the car will prove to be a goodun. I've come from just shy of 6 years and 100k miles in a VW Passat 3.2 V6 4-Motion SEL estate. A rare Q-car...
  14. mbzclk

    2x Pirelli P Zero Nero Tyres (255/35/18) ALL SEASON

    Brand New 2x Pirelli P Zero Nero Tyres 255/35 R18 94H - Rated for ALL Season. MO - Mercedes Original Never fitted to car. Price is for a pair. Collection only or arrange your own courier. From East London / Essex area. £175! Thanks Photo:
  15. KillerHERTZ

    Game of Thrones TV Thread - No Book Spoilers Please!

    Anyone watch this? its fantastic, just gets better and better as the seasons go on.
  16. R

    Finished (Ready for the new season)

    Well it was a sunny day and so I did it all again using AG products and I also put my summer wheels on :) PS. No machines were used, just elbow grease! Reflections :) Side shot Rear Summer wheels Engine Bay New Garage layout :)
  17. P

    All season tyres rear and summer tyres front

    I know the winter tyre on one axle debate has begun and the consensus seems to be, no, that's silly. But is the same reasoning applicable to all season tyres and summer tyres? I can't afford a set of winters and summers, and as my rears are past their best I was thinking of doing all season...
  18. Harrythedog

    Season Tickets for sale

    FOOTBALL TICKETS 2 season tickets for sale. My wife doesn't like the person who sits in the seat next to us and will not attend any more games. I have attached a picture with the view from the seats. Tickets will be sold to the highest bidder. Current Bid: £7,200.00 EACH for the entire...
  19. P

    Winter tyres or All Season ?

    Hello, I was wondering if (when my current summer tyres are dead) if I should try a set of all season tyres. I can't justify Winter tyres as the cost is prohibitive for just a few days of snow (I live where its mainly flat). Looking at Mytyres it seems that all season tyres are not that...
  20. B

    All season tyres for a 2003 c-class avantegarde with sports pack

    My first post and first MB! The car has 225/45 17s at the front and 245/40 17s at the rear. The latter are worn out and we live in Cumbria. Is there an all season tyre that others have used that fits? Can I fit 225/40s all round on the standard rims? Is there a summer tyre with better grip...
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