1. D

    anybody with 8 wireless camera set up must be not wired

    any experts or people with knowledge must be wireless and camera held inside the building i noticed their shutter can be changed so as to make them work is this standard what sort of budget for diy set up any help including supply will be gr8 all i find them from US and china none in the...
  2. Parisien

    FOR SALE : Full set of W124 coupe over mats

    I bought these really to use when I took, my now sold W124 coupe out on high days and sunny days (about 3 over the last year over here!!!) But firstly can some one on the forum confirm they are Mercedes origin mats for me, see photo of label. Paid a fair amount for them, they are as new...
  3. OneTwoNine

    W219 OEM Airmatic Link Set

    Does anyone have a set of the linkage that go on in place of the lowering linkages on the CLS W219. Cash waiting.
  4. dddooommm

    W124 C124 Sportline alloy wheels set A124411902

    FOR SALE: Mercedes Benz w124 c124 Sportline lightweight 8 hole alloy wheels set In good condition with no damage or repairs Tyres are included (very old) 205 / 60 / R15 CONDITION: Very good overall condition. Expected light marks & could benefit from a paint referb. No cracks...
  5. Alfie

    NTG 2.5 disk set V14 (Current) for sale

    I have a set of the genuine Mercedes NTG 2.5 (V14) map update disks for sale. This is the current version. £50 posted.
  6. Captain Smerc

    Winter tyre set

    My low mileage set of staggered Vredestein Wintrac Extreme S are up for grabs . The autumn is coming ...:eek: Look at this on eBay
  7. Captain Smerc

    Staggered set of Vredestein Wintrac S

    My now surplus set of Verdestein's are up on the Bay . Winters coming :) Look at this on eBay Staggered Vredestien Wintrac Extreme S tyres 255/35 19" & 235/35 19" | eBay
  8. A

    4pot and disc set up for w203

    Hi I'm looking to upgrade the brakes on my sport edition Must be in good condition Cash waiting Thanks
  9. mickday

    E55 211 Spark Plugs (full set) ILFR6A

    I have a full new set of 16 spark plugs for E55 W211/S211 I bought these for my own S211 E55 but never got around to fitting them. these will probably also fit other 55K engines 16 x NGK ILFR6A 3588 £100 + delivery
  10. stevenchu

    R107 14" Steel wheels set

    If anyone got a set 14" steel wheel for sale please message me thanks
  11. vijilants

    Socket set deal at Halfords

    Picked this up today from Halfords.....Lifetime guarantee..Discounted down to £20 from £40. Their ebay site also has free delivery on this item. £16 on trade card...bargain !
  12. M

    10x E torx female socket set £6

    Hi, after replacing the thermostat and using an 8mm single hex socket, decided to purchase a set of Female reverse torx sockets for future work. Delivered today from a seller in Nottingham ten sockets on a rail for £6 inc delivery (although now £6.43) Neilsen brand which I have had...
  13. clk320x

    Mercedes chrome sports pedal set

    This is a Mercedes sports pedal set for an automatic Brand new, I brought this from Alps but never got round to fitting and am too lazy frankly... opened them up and been in glovebox since PM me if interested I would like £25 for it + shipping :) Cheers
  14. Captain Smerc

    Winter tyre set

    Anyone want a set of Vredstein Wintrac Xtreme S ? 235/35 R 19 & 255/35 R 19 . Only used last winter . Excellent condition , approx 6.5mm tread , no punctures or side wall damage . I found these to be a superb winter tyre on my C63 . £ 350 , they are up on Ebay from today .
  15. A

    SteelMate Reversing Sensor Set

    SteelMate reversing sensors: 4 sensor set. Sensors currently fitted in a W202 saloon rear bumper (centre section only). Bumper centre section is 366 Azurite blue and has no scratches or damage. I have the top and bottom sections of another bumper if required ( bottom is for a facelift, top is...
  16. D

    Winter wheel set for c class, nearly new! - £350ovno
  17. D

    Winter wheel set for c class - nearly new! £350ovno
  18. Sonny Burnett

    JOM Adjustable set

    Hi everyone, Anyone used JOM suspension at all, information is a plenty in the bmw world, just wanted to know if anyone has used them on a mercedes.
  19. whitenemesis

    Insurance premiums set to soar after compensation changes

    Something to look forward to .. "Average car insurance premiums could increase by up to £75 a year as a result of a government ruling, industry experts have said." Insurance premiums set to soar after compensation changes - BBC News
  20. T

    S 350 class 2004 model set Alloys

    S 350 class 2004 model set Alloys Set of 4 inc centre caps with 2 good continental tyres excellent condition. Size 235x55x17
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