1. T

    garage overtightened Wheel Nuts Locking nut sheared

    Tyre losing pressure on the W202 and went to remove the wheel to drop it off at the Tyre fitters for investigation Went to undo the wheel nuts Holy Moly they had been tightened by superman or no brain monkeywrench . out of 5 got 3 loose using spider wrench last one neither me or fit nephew could...
  2. T

    Disc Retaining Bolt Sheared - help!

    It should have been a routine job Discs and pads done it on the 220 the 240 but not the W210 Passenger side all done EBC greens fitted all back together, now onto the drivers side repeat of the process undo the disc retaining bolt ooh that did not need much pressure on the allen key and the...
  3. t-dawg1

    Locking wheel nut Sheared on Nut

    My friend has sheared his Locking wheel nut on his C220,the lock nut is a 311 code. Problem is it sheared in the nut and we can't figure out how to get it out. He has ordered a new locking nut from Mercedes but dilemma is how to get the bit this sheared off out of the screw so he can get the nut...
  4. D

    Stud sheared off

    I am about to change the fuel filter on my R129 but first removed the cover to inspect the filter. Despite spraying the plastic retaining nuts with WD40 first and being gentle, one stud immediately snapped off and sods law it was on the rear where there is only one so the cover probably won't...
  5. D

    Studs on Manifold Sheared

    Hi Car is in for the Port Inlet Shutoff Motor at present. I have had a call to say that two manifold stud's have sheared? Is this a risk of the work or could there have been carelessness. Not sure where to position myself on the cost as yet, but definitely do not want to be unreasonable.
  6. S

    1998 E300TD fan blades sheared (see photo's) and damaged radiator - cause?

    Hi, I own a 1998 E300TD. I've had it from new and done 161k miles in it. It's been well looked after but is now showing some signs of age. The other day, I heard a clunking noise when I started her up. I've got one glow plug down at present so I thought it was just associated with that as...
  7. B

    Top Radiator Hose: Sheared off. 190D

    Hello - has anyone ever experienced this, if so any idea what the cause is?. A new-ish top hose on the radiator was blown off, the hose sheared in a perfect circle. The jubilee clip was on fairly tight, but not to the point it would crush the hose, i don't think... result: possible blown head...
  8. P

    Boot spring attachment sheared off???

    Hi, I have a c200 (1998 model) and there was an almightly thud from the boot area. After investigation found that the sping that opens the boot had fractured and sheared the metal plate that it attaches to on the boot. Has anyone had the same problem and how much does it cost to repair...
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