1. D

    MB Work Sheets for S Class Sevicers

    Hi All I am trying to source MB work sheets for servicing my S Class I have a 2012 S Class W221 - S350 Bluetech CDI 7speed auto I am interested in seeing what is actualy required for the various services as per MB schedule, I have a C service due and being qouted £908 plus consumables...
  2. S

    W212 advice - Executive SE vs Avantgarde, spec sheets?

    Hi Guys I'm going to start looking for a W212 E class, initially I was looking at 2010 Avantgarde E220/E250 models with Sat Nav and Xenons, mileage 30-50k (want to spend 16-17k ideally) however I've seen the newer ones (2012?) have the newer 7G gearbox which overall people seem to prefer (I...
  3. nick mercedes

    chipboard sheets

    Anyone know where I can get approx 1000sq ft of chipboard flooring for a mezz floor? Odd request I know...
  4. 230K

    MB Service sheets Link

    Hi Some or all of you have maybe seen this link to MB service sheets which could be of use to those who do their own servicing. 230K
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