1. I

    Tyre Skipping: Now it's my fault for buying a car with 20 inch rims.

    An interesting conversation with AMG yesterday following a referral by MB C.S regarding my GLA45AMG tyre skipping. In summary, I was informed the tyre skipping I am experiencing is characteristically different to that experienced by GLC owners. (Having viewed YouTube videos from GLC owners...
  2. I

    Help: Non- GLC Tyre Skipping.

    Having spoken with AMG technical, they are going to carry out a technical inspection of my GLA45<AMG next week due to it experiencing the same tyre crabbing issues as GLC owners. I would really appreciate inputs via this forum from any 'non GLC owners' who are experiencing tyre crabbing. This...
  3. I

    Gla45 AMG Tyre Skipping

    Apologies if a thread already exists....New to MBC. 1) Tyre skipping/crabbing on my 2016 GLA45 AMG with 20inch AMG wheels. Has anyone else experienced the same issue as GLC and C43 owners. I reported mine some months ago and MB are still saying they are unaware of any issue with GLA's on 20 inch...
  4. po55kit

    USB audio on A180: keeps skipping tracks!

    Ayup. I have recently taken delivery of a new A180, a great car all round, but the aforementioned does annoy me. I have a long playlist of tracks on a USB stick which is plugged in beneath the centre armrest. Occasionally, when a new track comes on, it will skip it immediately and move...
  5. A

    Battery related? "Skipping" CD

    Having installed a Blaupunkt Seattle MP 74, which I am overall very happy with, I have, however, experienced an increasingly annoying fault. Playing CD's it will from time to time "skip" or miss for a split second, which is not related to bumps in the roads and others. Same with the CD...
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