1. The _Don

    Mercedes AMG-C63

  2. M

    Sneak Preview of the 100,000 mile, 15 day detail of MBclub Member Eddie01

    Hi Guys Well not eddie, but is Mercedes C55 AMG:)) I will complete the monster writeup on this cars journey with me at the weekend, but here is a couple of sneaky shots;) Before: .........and then 15 days later.... Kind Regards Michael
  3. M

    Sneak Preview-MBClub Member's C63

    Here is a sneaky preview of MBClub Member, 'loveday' C63 AMG. Its in for the following: Complete correction. C1 Crystal lacquer paint protection. G1 Crystal lacquer glass protection. Wheels off detail with C5 Crystal lacquer wheel protection. Complete interior detail. Write up sunday;) p.s...
  4. Alex

    Sneak peek at my latest mod..

    Took a few months! Mostly because the shop was very busy doing other work, so I waited and waited and waited badly for this moment and here it is: It is yet to be painted and installed next week.
  5. Spinal

    Sneak Peak of the Rally Decorations...

    Over the weekend, I started decorating the car… Sorry about the poor picture quality, these were taken in adverse lighting on my mobile, so they aren’t the best… Needless to say, the decorations are nowhere near finished… this is just the first coat of the first decoration... M.
  6. M

    Top Gear tonight - sneak preview

    I managed to snaffle a couple of tickets for Allison and myself for TG last Wednesday - and i am quite looking forward to it now I have a much better insight into how its filmed I did accidentally cause a scowl from Hampster when I referred to him as "someone else a short as Allison" :o -...
  7. Baron_Samedi

    Trying to sneak the big 40 under the wire eh?

    Happy Birthday Grav888!
  8. P

    Sneak preview of Mclaren developments for Singapore night race

    Video of Martin Whitmarsh talking about the challenges to Vodafone Mclaren Mercedes..... very tongue in cheek :D
  9. Sp!ke

    Sneak Pict of Rossi testing the Ferrari

    Sneak Pic of Rossi testing the Ferrari Enjoy :rolleyes:
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