1. ringway

    Radio 4 Soul Music. ELO Mr Blue Sky.

    The BBC Radio 4 Soul Music series is something I very much enjoy listening to, so much so that I listen to some of the programmes as albums. Great to have on in the office, workshop or indeed anywhere! In other threads I have already listed a few of my favourites: Gerry Rafferty - Baker...
  2. The _Don

    Soul singer Percy Sledge dies aged 73
  3. KoFidee

    Northern Soul the movie

    released today at cinema available on dvd/Bluray monday story based around wigan casino been in the media all week some great memories and friends made there personally for me was a experience :thumb: Anonym zu
  4. The _Don

    Welcome to TSOL The coolest radio station on the web for the best in :Soul RnB, Gospe

  5. Ratz

    I try to be green but for this I'd sell my soul... Looks like MB's take on Stephen King's "Christine" - stunning IMHO.
  6. se97mlm

    Save My Soul; The Modding has Started!!

    Well, one and a half weeks into MB ownership, and i have started the modding! Fitted AMG tax disc holder and evolution pedal club mod today!! Must admit i thought the pedals would be cosmetic only, but i replaced the whole throttle pedal with the whole new one rather than just using the...
  7. Steve_Perry

    OT: How much is your soul worth?

    Find out here! Looks like I'm on a one-way ticket to burn in hell :devil: :crazy: :rolleyes: S.
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