1. reflexboy

    Sponge and chamois-Ditched!

    I want to ditch my traditional sponge and chamois for fear of scratches and swirls. There are so many drying towels and wash mitts out there, what the heck should I go for: Lambswool, sheepskin or microfibre mitt?? And then there are the drying towels. Seems the detailers like the waffle type...
  2. CE230

    Magic Sponge

    Halfrauds are doing a 3 for 2 on cleaning stuff so I went today and bought, bumper black, squeege, vinyl cleaner, leather cleaner, something I can't remember :cool: and a MAGIC SPONGE. The sponge was absolutely brilliant for getting years of kick marks off the door cards and seat edges. :rock:
  3. D

    Sponge or wash mitt?

    Which is the best for washing a sponge or the new type wash mitts?
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